Ceramic brick furniture inspired by the digital world of role-playing games.

Designers Gianmaria Della Ratta and Giorgio Gasco met while studying at the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Sharing a belief in the intrinsic connection between the physical and the digital world, they founded Studio Groovido in 2019 with the goal to explore this concept in poetic, narrative-focused work. The Prophecies of Dust: Bricks in the Digital Era collection captures their distinctive approach to design perfectly. With this series, the duo explores the digital spaces of role-playing games, but via an innovative technique. Developed by company RODRUZA, the printing method allows creators to add their own designs to the surface of ceramic bricks. To create the series, the studio has also researched UV mapping, or the process of projecting a 3D surface onto a 2D image to create digital textures. This technique is used widely, but its application in digital games inspired the duo to create the collection.

Giving a nod to RPGs (role-playing games), Studio Groovido brought the world of digital environments to a tactile material. The ceramic brick boasts colorful patterns and glazes that give a dynamic look to the stools, bench, and shelf. Brought together in a gallery space, the designs welcomed visitors into an immersive world that encouraged exploration. Music, a lighting installation, and a digital map also accompanied the pieces of furniture. Studio Groovido introduced Prophecies of Dust: Bricks in the Digital Era collection during the 2022 edition of Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Visitors had the opportunity to admire the series up close at the Temporary Art Center (TAC) between 22-30 October. Photography © Studio Groovido.

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