An electric motorcycle designed for smooth city and off-road rides.

Cleveland-based electric motorcycle and vehicle startup Land has launched its first design, an e-motorcycle that is both lightweight and powerful. The bike is also fresh and minimalist, offering something different in a market saturated with more traditional motorcycle designs. Additionally, depending on the build, the District Scrambler suits a wide range of tracks, from city streets to off-road tracks. The company offers two versions of the motorcycle: one fully street-legal and the other for off-road explorations. Both versions pack a punch with a 23-horsepower motor with 280Nm of torque.

Easy to remove, swap, and/or store, the 72v core battery packs provide a range between 40 and 120 miles. They have an output of 17kW and weight 27-72 lbs. As for the charging time, they take between 1.5 and 5.5 hours to fully recharge, depending on the battery pack. The bike has four modes to suit any riding style. Apart from the eBike mode with 27 mph, the user can also select between eMoped with 40 mph, eMotorcycle with 70 mph, or Performance with 70+ mph. At the front, an optional DOT, CE, and e-Mark certified headlight measures 5.7’’ and illuminates with up to 3,240 lumens.
Other features include a comfortable saddle with a height of 33’’ as well as a belt and chain that rotate on the same jackshaft to maximize convenience and minimize maintenance. Land offers the District Scrambler at a starting price of $7.800, with many customization options available, from batteries and headlights to color. Photography © Land.

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