Pulling Back The Curtain – Building A Better Bicycle Via Thoughtful Design

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Well-used and much loved bikes have plenty of stories to tell. From the first bike used in childhood as a sidekick on summer adventures one remembers with a nostalgic smile, to the bikes taken on thrilling rides while exploring natural landscapes, all the way to the urban bicycle that becomes an indispensable companion and a part of daily life. Handsome Cycles builds exactly those kind of bikes. Bicycles that are not just a means of transportation, but meant to become an extension of the owner while they are used day after day, year after year, for a lifetime of memories.

Designed by bike lovers for bike lovers, the Handsome bicycles are created to stand the test of time and to be a part of the everyday, for a lifetime

The company is based in Minneapolis and here is also where each Handsome bike is designed and then assembled piece by piece to ensure a quality build every step of the way. Using high quality, carefully chosen parts and an improved construction, the brand creates versatile products that can be used by anyone in various situations, from commuting, to road riding, light touring, or even cyclocross racing. The goal of creating a better bicycle stands at the heart of the company, and it is achieved by scrutinizing and optimizing every aspect of the build. From the chosen materials and components to the assembly stage and the after purchase service, the company strives to offer well-designed bikes that are a joy to ride. In terms of appearance, the Handsome bicycles wear their name with pride. An elegant design and clean lines combine with a timeless aesthetic and a touch of minimalism to offer products that look just as good on a busy street in New York as they do on a dusty country road or in a muddy cyclocross race. But even if style takes center stage visually, it is, in fact, surpassed by the thoughtful design and build choices. All Handsome bikes, regardless of their design and components, respect five principles. They are built using 4130 chromoly steel, which is a tough yet lightweight metal that absorbs impact.


The forged metal forks and dropouts are individually designed and welded, while the addition of multiple braze-ons allows for different builds and attachments. An optimized geometry enables various builds and accounts for various riding styles. Last, but certainly not least, the components are selected to match the quality of the frames, with extra attention (and investment) put into the parts that matter the most to ensure the bike’s impressive lifetime warranty but also more comfort for the rider. Instead of investing in cosmetic features, Handsome Cycles puts value in what counts on the road: the bearing surfaces, tires and drivetrain. These are not chosen not only for their high quality and durability, but also for the smooth feel, superior precision, and reliability they provide while cycling, allowing the cyclist to simply enjoy the ride. At the moment, three models are available on the brand’s website: Devil, She Devil and Fredward.


The Devil model is extremely versatile – it has a clever geometry that blends a touring and road bike in one. It comes in city or road build versions, with five frame sizes available to suit virtually every need. She Devil ups the style factor and brings a refined accent to urban cycling. As a step-through bike, it’s convenient to use by both women and men; thanks to the 8 gears and fantastic tire clearance, it’s ideal on city streets and will suit both complete novices and experienced riders in equal measure.
The Fredward model maintains versatility at the center of its design and can handle a vast range of surfaces, whether on a trip to buy groceries or in a cyclocross race. Available as a single-speed or 3-speed, the model also comes in three build options. To make its bikes accessible to everyone, Handsome Cycles has continually improved the manufacturing process to offer the same quality but at a price reduction of 25% while keeping the assembly stage in the USA. As a consequence, customers can get their hands on the handsome Devil for $719.95, She Devil for $899.95, and the Fredward for $599.95.


The company ships its products in various stages of assembly, from 80% to 99%, depending on the chosen shipping option. This ensures the owners become directly involved in assembling their new bike, using their own hands to add the last finishing touches and give a personal meaning to their new road companion. A rarity among bike manufacturers, the “Good to Go” option allows owners to use their bike shortly after the package arrives; only the pedals and handlebars need to be attached using the included tools, and the seat adjusted for height. But for all those who are helpless with a tool, the company will ship the package to a local workshop. If all of this sounds like a nice touch coming from a bike manufacturer, it’s because the brand cares about its customers. Not only do the bikes come with a lifetime warranty, but the company provides a comprehensive set of guides and video tutorials to help the owners maintain the bicycles in perfect shape, modify them,  or learn more about cycling culture.


A vast range of accessories and parts are available on the official website, where customers can find anything from saddles, wheel sets and leather grips to copper fenders, wire baskets or front and rear lights. Various bike dealers across the country stock the Handsome bikes, so cycling aficionados from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, or Chicago, to name a few, can try the three models before taking their favorite home. And since the way forward is green, Handsome Cycles also offers a customization service on its corporate fleets, providing companies and businesses with a convenient transportation solution for either employees or customers. Designed by bike lovers for bike lovers, the Handsome bicycles are created to stand the test of time and to be a part of the everyday, for a lifetime. But like all the best bikes, they’re also meant to be there on memorable days spent outdoors. To ultimately transform into a treasured possession that bears all the marks of a life lived to the full. And to become even more handsome in the process.








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