A photo series that depicts the beauty of the Italian Dolomites through the eyes of a mountaineer.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, photographer Martin Schgaguler explores concepts of free will, mindfulness, and neuroscience in his personal work. He also completes architectural photography that captures the heart of lived-in spaces. In the Saxum series, the photographer wanted to explore a feeling experienced by many mountaineers. More specifically, the fading of the concept of self as one feels in perfect unity with nature. As this reaction appears during moments of fatigue, often at the end of a high-altitude climb as hikers reach their destination, Schgaguler took the Saxum photographs during moments of sheer physical exhaustion.

The images show spectacular views of the Dolomites in all their glory, as well as moments of tranquility at night. Whether they feature imposing mountains, a lake, or the sky at night, the large-format photographs show the landscape from a different, more human perspective. Feeling one with nature, the photographer perfectly captured the beauty of the breathtaking setting. At the same time, he puts the viewer in the middle of this almost otherworldly scenery. You can admire more of the photographer’s personal series on his website. Martin Schgaguler’s work includes a series that depicts the special relationship between people, land, and agriculture in the Veneto area and one with landscapes from Australia. Photographs © Martin Schgaguler.

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