Whether you live in a compact apartment or love multifunctional furniture, a sofa bed futon, a futon bed, or a day bed should be at the top of your furniture buying list. That’s because these practical pieces of furniture can easily transform any room into a guest bedroom or a cozy lounge space. Usually in seconds, without the need for extra tools. We have gathered some of the most stylish and convenient designs we could find, to help you find your favorite. From simple mattresses that convert into a bed in seconds to elegant sofas that don’t even look like a sofa bed, our selection includes a wide range of designs to suit virtually any living space and style preference.

Before we kick off the list, let’s talk about sofa beds and futon beds. While both designs offer an easy way to create an extra bed, they differ in some important aspects.

Sofa bed vs. futon


A sofa bed looks identical to a regular sofa. You need to remove the seat or backrest cushions to reveal a sliding or click-clack mechanism that converts the sofa into a bed. Which means that a sofa bed has more chances to score extra style points. However, new futon designs have nothing in common with the lumpy, folded mattress futons of the past. Modern futon beds look great and come with wood or metal frames. Finding an elegant futon bed is easier than ever before, but if you love high-end designs, a refined sofa bed is probably a better choice.


Futon beds don’t have a wood or metal supporting structure inside them, so they can feel more comfortable when they’re new. However, futons usually have a thinner mattress compared to sofa beds. Over time, the cushions of a sofa bed can also sag and become more compacted. This can often lead to the user feeling parts of the metal or wood frame. Likewise, an old futon mattress can become lumpy and uncomfortable. New sofa bed designs often have classic slatted bed frames and thick foam cushions, which eliminates this problem, while modern futons can feature high-resilience, high-performance foam.


Sofa beds have more complicated interior structures, as they need to combine a sofa with a bed in a single product. This makes sofa beds heavier and harder to move compared to a futon bed. Futon beds are usually easier to disassemble by removing the folded mattress and transporting the frame separately. In terms of everyday convenience, a sofa bed and a futon bed with a frame are hard to beat, as you only need to open them if you’re having guests staying overnight. However, a futon mattress without a frame is a great choice for compact spaces, as it can be easily stored away.


Sofa beds and futon beds vary in price as the former are effectively a 2-in-1 product and often feature more complex interior structures and mechanisms. The cost also depends on features, materials, and brand. Designer products can also raise the cost of buying a sofa bed or a futon bed. Generally, futon beds are less expensive, making them a great choice for budget shoppers.

What is more comfortable a futon or sofa bed?

The answer is: sofa beds, but with a caveat. Generally, sofa beds have thicker mattresses and cushions that feel great to sleep on, while futon beds can have thinner mattresses that fold. Time changes everything, so both an old sofa bed and an old futon bed can feel uncomfortable due to metal frames on the former and lumpy fillings on the latter. Keep in mind that as furniture brands modernize their manufacturing methods, it’s easier than ever before to find a comfortable sofa bed or futon bed.

What is the best sofa bed?

The best sofa bed looks stylish, feels comfortable to lounge or sleep on, and has a simple mechanism to help you create a bed in a few seconds. When buying a sofa bed, look for sofas that are timeless and elegantly simple – unless you love extra-quirky designs. Decide whether you prefer the click-clack mechanism that is easier to use and cheaper or the pull-out sofa system that feels more comfortable. Choose the sofa size that best suits your home and needs, whether you prefer more compact design or want to welcome your guests with a queen-sized sofa bed.

Finally, select the comfort level that will best suit your preferences. For example, if you only use the sofa bed to sleep on occasionally, it may be better to look for softer, plush cushions that make lounging more relaxing. If you plan on using the bed more frequently, a firmer mattress may be a better choice.


Sleep Sofa Bed

A cozy sofa bed designed with a cylindrical backrest.

Created by Busk + Hertzog for Danish furniture brand Softline, the Sleep Sofa Bed is an award-winning design that blends elegance and function. The sofa features a cylindrical backrest that is adjustable. The user can either bring it forward for back support, or move it backwards to for more relaxing lounge positions. To create a guest bed, one needs only to slide the seat forwards and position it in place. Like other Softline futon beds and sofa beds, this product comes with removable covers. Owners can also purchase extra covers in different colors or fabrics to give the sofa a new look or to make sure it fits perfectly in another interior.


A practical and versatile design.

Like magic, this piece of furniture transforms from a sofa into a chaise longue or a spacious bed with a few smooth movements. Named Magic, this sofa from the BBB Italia collection was designed by Edi & Paolo Ciani Design. It features a sled base with a metal structure and polyurethane fillings with different densities to offer optimal comfort. Both the metal legs and the armrests boast a lacquered finish. Thanks to the ingenious, patented mechanism, the user can quickly convert the Magic sofa into a chaise longue or a large guest bed. Finally, the quality textile covers are conveniently removable for easy cleaning.


A sofa designed in 12 different versions.

Made in Italy by Frauflex, Derby is a versatile sofa bed that comes not in one or two versions, but in 12 different designs. This sectional sofa bed comes with removable covers that make maintenance as easy as possible. Customers can choose between different configurations, as Derby’s design is extremely versatile. It features either one or two armrests, with or without a backrest, or no armrests. The backrest also varies, with options including a standard design or an asymmetrical, curved shape. Contrasting textile upholstery colors can also give a creative touch to this simple design, along with patterned and floral fabrics.


A stylish, contemporary sofa bed.

Sofa beds and futon beds are popular because they are conveniently multifunctional. The Lebom Daybed is a great example. Designed by Barcelona-based design studio Lievore Altherr Molina, this sofa bed is beautiful and versatile. It has a 2-seat design and comes with soft cushions that enhance comfort. The backrest rotates easily to create a makeshift bed or a cozy chaise longue when needed. The supporting legs add a contrasting accent to the design with a white finish that stands out against the textile or leather upholstery. Lebom makes this Daybed in a wide range of fabrics, including wool, linen, Kvadrat, or leather.


A creative and ingenious sofa bed.

Designed by Neisako for Postoria, Up-lift is unlike any other sofa beds from our list. This fun design re-imagines the sofa bed typology with an ingenious mechanism. As the backrest rises, it automatically lifts the leg rest. The two volumes rotate around each other to create a comfortable bed. Rounded and tilted, the curved backrest and armrests enhance the ergonomics and modern style of the design while also minimizing the volume of the sofa. Available as a 2-seat sofa bed as standard, Up-lift also comes in an armchair version that transforms into a single bed. They work well together or as individual pieces of furniture, either in a compact apartment or a spacious living space.


A minimalist sofa from a renowned Italian brand.

If you like Italian design, then the SAKé sofa bed might be the perfect choice for your home. Designed by architect and designer Piero Lissoni for renowned Italian furniture and home accessories brand B&B Italia, this sofa bed is refined and comfortable at the same time. Exploring the concept of lightness, the simple design combines clean rectangular forms with subtly rounded edges and plush cushions. This product comes either as a standard sofa or as a sofa with an integrated chaise longue. B&B Italia offers SAKé with fabric or leather upholstery, in colors that range from light gray and beige to green, blue, and textured patterns.


Sliding Sofa Bed

A simple and convenient design.

The Sliding sofa bed from Tacchini is elegantly simple as well as practical. Designed by Pietro Arosio, the sofa features clean lines and a discreet frame. A patented mechanism lowers the backrest to create a comfortable bed when needed. Apart from being easy to use, the Sliding sofa bed is also extremely cozy and it features soft duck down cushions. Plus, the removable covers make keeping the sofa bed futon looking like new as easy as possible. This product has a cast aluminum base and comes with either matte black or matte gray feet. Tacchini offers several upholstery materials for this design, all available in a huge range of colors.


Chama Sofa Bed

A simple concept inspired by Japanese futons.

Made by modular furniture company Lago, the Chama Sofa Bed is unsurprisingly practical and versatile. This ingenious sofa bed futon features a single folded mattress. Inspired by Japanese futon, this simple product takes up minimal space in a room but offer maximum comfort. Two plush cushions form the seat backrest in the “sofa” mode. To create the cozy bed, the user only needs to unfold the mattress. This futon bed comes in a wide range of fabrics, including eco cotton, and in many different colors. Like all Lago products, the Chama sofa bed is crafted in Italy.


A stylish nod to Nordic design principles.

Inspired by Scandinavian design, this futon bed will make a room look more cozy and elegant at the same time. Designed by Says Who for Karup Design, Poetry is minimalist and practical. It re-imagines the classic sofa as a versatile product that adapts to different needs. Made with a wood frame, this sofa bed boasts leather strap armrests that either keep the structure in place or allow it to transform into a flat bed in seconds. The design looks at home in any living space, but users can also customize the color palette. The frame comes with a clear, white, or black lacquer finish, while the upholstery comes in a wide range of colors that includes light gray and beige or dark blue and olive green.


A 3-in-1 design.

The best futon bed easily adapts to different needs. Bebop is a great example. Another stylish sofa bed from Karup Design, this product has an ingenious design with a wooden frame that adjusts on two sides. Leaving both arms up means that this futon bed can be used as a 2-seat sofa. Lowering only one side coverts Bebop into a cozy lounge chair, while releasing both arms transform it into a bed. This sofa bed futon comes with a timber frame that boasts either a clear or a black lacquer finish. The upholstery comes in both light and dark colors, with options ranging from Natural and Light Gray to Mocha, Bordeaux, and Petrol Blue.

Reid Side Table Convertible Sofa

A convenient futon bed designed with a side table.

Part of the Urban Outfitters collection, the Reid Side Table Convertible Sofa offers more than just a convenient way to create an extra sleeping space. The design features a built-in side table that has enough room for a cup of coffee and a book or a laptop. This convertible sofa comes with a soft cushion that boasts seams at the seat and back to easily fold down when needed. Furthermore, the click-clack design makes it easy to fold the sofa flat. Made from ash wood, the platform frame features tapered legs and a side table extension. This futon bed requires assembly, but comes with the included hardware and instructions.

Unfurl Vintage Stripe Sofa Bed

A vintage-style futon bed.

Bring a 1970s vibe into any room with the Unfurl Vintage Stripe Sofa Bed from Danish furniture brand Innovation Living. Designed by Andreas Lund, Flemming Højfeldt, and Per Weiss, this sofa bed futon is as stylish as it is comfortable. It features a three-step back elevation system that provides great support while sitting or lounging. The pocket spring design provides a firm and comfortable surface to sit or sleep on. Like other futons from our list, the sofa bed unfurls flat with ease. Apart from the eye-catching, vintage-style stripe upholstery, this product also features elegant tapered oak legs completed with a dark lacquered finish.

Splitback Eik Bed Oak

A design inspired by Scandinavian furniture.

Blending refined design and function, Splitback Eik Bed Oak takes inspiration from Scandinavian furniture. Designed by Per Weiss and brothers Oliver and Lukas WeissKrogh, this is the best futon for people who love the beautiful elegance of Nordic design. This sofa bed features solid oak legs and a double metal frame that works in tandem with the multifunctional mattress to offer three steps of elevation. The two backrests can be lowered individually in three positions: upright, relaxed, or sleep. The Splitback Eik Bed Oak futon comes in five standard colors, but customers can also order it with a custom, made-to-order upholstery.

Kyoto Futon Day-Bed

A simple design that looks great anywhere.

Simple, elegant, and versatile, the Kyoto Futon Day-Bed looks at home in any living room or bedroom. This minimalist sofa bed futon has a solid wood base made of beech, ash, oak cherry, maple, or walnut wood and beech sprung slats that enhance comfort. The plush mattress provides a soft surface to lounge or sleep on, with or without the optional sheepskin headrest cushion. Like some of the other best futon designs from our list, this product is easy to customize to perfectly complement your home’s décor. Apart from the type of solid wood, you can also choose the color of the upholstery, ties, and headrest cushion. Every Kyoto Futon Day-Bed is made to order.


A seriously comfortable futon created by a renowned designer.

Named Sherazade, this Francesco Binfaré sofa design puts the focus on comfort. Inspired by oriental designs, this futon bed boasts a simple rectangular form. The cushioned design features the exclusive Gellyfoam® technology developed by Edra. This special foam does not bounce like a spring mattress but molds around the user’s body. As a result, the Gellyfoam® offs both softness and support. Other features include synthetic wadding as well as two armrests, two triangular cushions for back support, and two large pillows with a square shape. Made in Tuscany, Sherazade features a honeycomb wood structure that supports the foam cushion. Customers can choose between various removable upholstery fabrics and soft cushions, including pillows made of ecological fur.


An intentionally understated design.

Designed by Didier Gomez for French brand Ligne Roset, the Nomade-Express sofa bed is intentionally understated and elegantly simple to look at home in any living space. The sofa gives a nod to 1930s furniture with a quilted, mattress-style buttoned cushion design. Perfect to use daily as a sofa and as a futon bed when needed, this product folds flat with ease. It features molded aluminum feet and a high-resistance tubular steel frame, both finished with an epoxy aluminum lacquer. The seat and back cushions boast a high-resilience Bultex foam filling with various densities to enhance comfort. This design is currently available in Ligne Roset brick and mortar stores.


A clever design with a sculptural form.

Another contemporary design from Ligne Roset, Clam is a cleverly designed sofa bed futon that doesn’t look like one. Design duo Dubreil & Pilato created the sofa with a sculptural silhouette. The two sides are flexible and stay folded in the sofa position to create a cozy, cocoon-like shelter. In the bed position, the armrests open up completely and frame the cushioned mattress. Like other products from the French brand, Clam is crafted to last. It features a metal frame with an epoxy lacquer, soldered tubing, and high-resilience Bultex foam. Apart from square and rectangular pillows, customers can also order accessories like fitted sheets and pillow cases.

Pierrot King

A versatile sofa bed design.

Part of the Bonaldo collection, Pierrot King is an elegant convertible sofa designed with stylish quilting. The understated design combines a simple metal frame and legs with soft upholstery made of quality fabric, leather, or eco-leather. The sofa transforms into a comfortable bed with one single movement that lowers the backrest. Versatile and perfect for any living space, this design also suits offices and lounge areas in corporate settings. Made with a metal frame, Pierrot King comes with a painted or chrome-plated finish. With a huge range of upholstery options, including 70 fabric, 15 leather, and 18 eco-leather colors, Pierrot King can complement any color scheme and interior.

Bandy & Bandy Plus

A stylish sofa bed with an asymmetrical backrest.

Another design that looks like a regular sofa, not a futon bed, Bandy and Bandy Plus fits into any setting gracefully. The design is elegant and modern, complementing the rounded, asymmetrical backrest and soft seat with metal legs that boast angular forms. Similarly to other Bonaldo sofa beds, this product is extra-convenient. It has a compact design but easily folds out when needed to create a comfortable bed. Thanks to the removable upholstery, the user can easily keep this futon bed looking pristine. The design comes in a standard version or a plus version that also features matching or contrasting decorative embroidery on the backrest.

GE 258 Sofa

A vintage-style design that looks great in modern spaces.

Founded in 1899 in Denmar, Getama focuses on producing high-quality, designer furniture. This sofa is no exception.  Designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1954, this vintage-style futon bed is elegantly simple and practical. Unlike most futon beds from our list, this design features only one adjustable part. The angled backrest rises to make room to sleep on the soft cushioned mattress. Crafted to stand up to the test of time and look beautiful in the process, this sofa bed futon features a beech or an oak wood frame with a lacquered, oiled, stained, or painted finish. Customers can also choose the upholstery material between fabric or leather.

Bart by Samira

A 3-seat sofa bed that can brighten any room.

Bring a summery accent to a living room with the Bart sofa by Italian brand Samira. Designed with bright yellow upholstery, this is the best futon to add a pop of color to a living space. The 3-seat sofa comes with a velvety fabric with elegant stitching and tapered oak wood legs. Thanks to the click-clack system, the futon is easy to open flat and convert into a guest bed if needed. The design draws inspiration from Scandinavian furniture, which means that Bart works well in classic or modern spaces. Plus, if yellow is not your thing, you can easily find the ideal color that complements your home from the six other options.

Sleeper Sofa

A sofa bed that makes a style statement.

While many sofa beds look like simple, utilitarian designs – not that there’s anything wrong with that – the Sleeper Sofa from Bensen looks more like a piece of high-end furniture. This contemporary futon bed boasts ultra-clean lines and elegantly rounded cushions as well as a low profile with angular metal legs. The multi-density structural foam on the seat and backrest features a coil spring system that enhances comfort and support, while the back cushions have an extra-soft down feather filling. A simple cantilever system allows the user to convert the sofa into a single bed quickly. This product comes with chrome or black nickel plated metal legs and with light or dark textile upholstery.


A sofa bed from 1932.

Created by the legendary Alvar Aalto, AA1 is a special addition to our list of best futon designs. This sofa was originally designed in 1932 and made its debut at the Brussels International Exposition of 1935. Timeless but also distinctive, this vintage sofa bed features an industrial-style, tubular chromed steel frame with solid wood armrests that boast a black lacquer finish. The 3-seat sofa fits perfectly in contemporary interiors and also offers a practical way to optimize space. When needed, AA1 unfolds into a bed by adjusting the inclination of the backrest. The sofa bed features a removable fabric or leather cover for more convenience. Keep in mind that this a numbered piece of furniture – a great choice for design lovers and Alvar Aalto fans.


A practical sofa bed with removable and replaceable covers.

Designed by Müller & Wulff for Danish furniture brand Softline, the Nova sofa bed futon offers a great blend of minimalist style, function, and comfort. The design features an adjustable backrest with four different positions, as each section can be adjusted individually. Spacious and comfortable, Nova is ideal as an everyday sofa. When needed, it quickly turns into a cozy double bed. This futon bed has a metal frame with a gold, chrome, or white finish and comes with fabric upholstery in light or dark colors. The covers are conveniently removable for easy cleaning. Plus, the company offers extra covers in different colors or fabrics, which means that you can easily freshen up your sofa to look like new.


A sofa bed specially designed for compact apartments.

Another sofa bed design from Danish brand Softline, City is specially made for compact spaces. Stine Engelbrechtsen created this futon bed with a folded mattress design to occupy minimal room but to offer optimal comfort. The soft cushion unfolds to create a single or a double bed, depending on the chosen sofa size, with the backrest designed with eight positions. Available in a double sofa or a chair version, City also comes in a range of colors and materials, to complement any interior and existing color scheme. Like the Nova sofa bed, this product comes with removable and replaceable fabric upholstery.

One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa

A stylish sofa that turns into a queen-size bed.

Like other designs in our list, the One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa features a space-optimized design that doesn’t compromise on style. This modern sofa bed looks like a regular, elegant 2-seat sofa with discreet, brushed stainless steel legs. However, the seat flips forward and this compact sofa opens like a book to create not a single, but a queen-size bed. Crafted with style, comfort and also durability in mind, this sofa bed futon features a solid wood frame, a brushed stainless steel base, and soft fabric upholstery. Matching accent pillows are also included. While we love the red version of the One Night Stand Sleeper Sofa, you can also order it in navy, sand, or light gray.

Chloe Sofa Bed

A refined design with soft, rounded forms.

Designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer for Danish furniture company Bolia, the Chloe Sofa Bed is as beautiful as it is practical. This design features soft cushions and rounded edges as well as elegant stitching accents and subtle legs that make the sofa look like it hovers just above the floor. Perfect for compact rooms and apartments where every inch of space matters, this sofa bed easily converts into a spacious bed. The slatted, FSC-certified wood frame provides excellent support, while the fabric upholstery feels soft to the touch. Chloe is part of a larger furniture series; apart from the 3-seat sofa, the collection also includes sofas with integrated chaise longues on the right or left side.

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