Spectre Porcelain, A Beautiful Hand-Painted Bike

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A one-of-a-kind, hand-painted bike that resembles vintage porcelain.

Czech bike manufacturer and bike workshop Festka has a wealth of experience in bringing spectacular bicycles to life; from bikes with neon-colored frames reminiscent of the early ‘90s to captivating designs that draw inspiration from WWI naval warfare camouflage patterns. However, one of their latest projects stands out even among these gems with an incredibly detailed and poetic design. Named Spectre Porcelain, this one-of-a-kind bespoke bike was specially made for an avid bike collector and cycling enthusiast from Bangkok. As the client also loves traditional porcelain objects, the team decided to do something special for his custom bike. Festka brought Czech artist Michal Bačák on board to create the hand-painted bike frame.

Inspired by vintage porcelain designs, the artist used both English Churchill Blue Willow and Portuguese Azulejo decorative ceramic styles as a base for his own ornamental design. And the result? A striking bike frame that looks like a beautiful porcelain sculpture. The intricate illustrations feature a cobalt blue color with 24-carat gold accents and took thirteen months to complete by hand. “The design works two ways – the frame looks wonderful from afar but it’s when you take a closer look that the stories start to appear,” explains Tom Hnida, Festka Art Director.

Created in a close collaboration with the client, the illustrations tell his life’s story. On the frame appear the names of the client’s children and illustrations that depict his love of cycling and traveling. Even though the bike looks like a delicate porcelain artwork, it’s actually a Festka Spectre racing bike. For this project, the team modified the base design slightly. Apart from adding bespoke logos with a more subdued look, they also replaced the bearings with high-end ceramic ones. Photographs© Festka.

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