A stylish and practical French press that makes the coffee brewing ritual fun and easy.

The classic French press has become increasingly more popular over the past few years in the US. As we’ve explained here, this coffee brewing method allows the oils from ground coffee to release into the hot water slowly, offering a more complex, bold, and rich flavor profile. San Francisco-based company Fellow has recently launched a gorgeous French press that makes brewing coffee early in the morning as easy and as pleasant as possible. Named Clara, this design follows of the footsteps of Fellows’ other coffee-related products that blend style and function: the Stagg Pour-Over Kettle, the Ode Coffee Grinder and the Carter Move Mug. With Clara, the brand brings (even) more flavor to the daily coffee making ritual.

Putting the focus on making quality coffee.

Thoughtfully designed, this French press is simple and simply beautiful. It boasts a curved, matte black body with a cylindrical handle and a large, round lid. Apart from its elegant design, the Clara French Press also brings more convenience to the daily coffee brewing process. To use, you only need to pour the coffee grounds and hot water inside the coffee maker before stirring the contents together to release the oils from the coffee and then pressing the lid to filter the brew. Clara has a heat-lock double vacuum build; the insulated stainless steel body keeps the coffee at a consistent temperature for a better flavor. Thanks to the enhanced filtration system, this French press perfectly filters out the silt from the liquid. At the same time, it ensures a full-bodied brew.

Clara is not just pretty and designed with coffee quality in mind. It’s also specially made to transform early morning coffee brewing into an easy task. The interior boasts both coffee and hot water lines that eliminate the need to measure them separately, ensuring a perfect cup of joe – every time. With the all-directional pour lid, you won’t need to align the spout before pouring. Larger than standard, the press feels satisfying and comfortable to use, while the included agitation stick makes it easy to stir the coffee grounds to fully release their aromas and ensure an even extraction.

Finally, the non-stick PTFE-coated but PFOA-free interior makes cleaning a breeze. Clara has a handy capacity of 24 oz; it comes with a stainless steel body, stainless steel filter and a BPA-free plastic handle and lid. Coffee lovers can get the matte black version or upgrade to the matte black with walnut wood accents design. Photographs© Fellow.

Clara French Press