A series of furniture and sculptural objects that marry contrasting materials and textures.

Based in Shanghai, Studio Glume is a multidisciplinary design agency that completes a wide range of projects, from architecture, interior design and furniture design to art and graphic design. The firm’s furniture design series has caught our attention. Using a blend of contrasting materials and finishes, along with either found or recovered materials like reclaimed marble, the studio created a collection of striking designs that highlight the beauty of each component. Minimalist and simple, the objects combine two or three elements with starkly different aesthetics. For example, one side tale boasts a travertine base with a raw, unfinished and irregular surface. On top, a sleek sheet of metal gleams with a golden color and a perfectly smooth finish.

Another table combines a solid stone base, a charred wood block, and a rectangular glass top. Other designs bring together rough marble and mirrored glass, two types of stone with contrasting finishes, or charred wood and stone. Every object creates a dialogue between different materials or textures, pairing rough and high-end finishes in eye-catching functional sculptures. For this series, the studio also used a range of reclaimed or found materials. These include concrete bricks from construction sites and marble blocks reclaimed from the waste materials of a workshop. The collection comprises side tables and coffee tables as well as stools and benches. All of the objects are one of a kind. Photographs© Studio Glume.

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