For centuries, marble has been synonymous with sculpture and architecture. Now, renowned as well as up and coming designers use this special material to design products that blend refinement and function. These creative marble designs make the most of the noble material. They often highlight the features of marble with a minimalist aesthetic that allows its textures and subtle variations to shine through. Other products complement the stone with other natural or man-made materials. And some of them even merge tradition with technology, in a dialogue between past and present.

Contemporary creative marble designs include various items of furniture that explore the solidity of the material. Among them, one can find stylish lounge chairs that feature a blend of marble and leather. Sculptural stools bring together solid wood and marble in designs that look like decorative objects, but provide comfortable seating solutions form modern interiors. Minimalist tables and modular shelving units give ubiquitous items a sophisticated look and feel. Terrazzo or perforated metal bring out the best features from the elegant marble.

The range of creative marble designs varies greatly. Indeed, apart from seating, tables, and storage units, this category of products includes a huge array of items. For example, one can find an amplifier, specifically designed for smartphones – an inventive juxtaposition of organic beauty and technology. Sculptural vases that explore concepts of sustainability and responsible, ethical manufacturing blur the distinction between meaningful art and function. LED lighting literally shines a light on the distinctive line patterns and textures of marble. Watches with marble cases create a poetic dialogue between an ancient material and the passage of time.

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