The Supersonic Turntable

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A stylish, industrial-style turntable concept.

Created by San Francisco-based 3D artist and visual artist and Rod Romantsov, the Supersonic turntable offers a stylish take on classic designs. The digital concept is minimalist, modern, and elegant. In a similar way to the digital artist’s other designs, the turntable combines curved forms with bold color accents. Made with a stainless steel build, it has a beautiful matte finish. Rounded edges refine the industrial character of the design, while bright red accents add a pop of color to the gray and black palette. The rubber platter boasts a patterned design reminiscent of a fingerprint.

Placed on the right side, the controls are simple and understated, with one exception: the eye-catching red power button. Right above it, a white switch would allow the user to change the speed from 33 to 45 rpm. The Supersonic turntable also features an anti-skating dial with a button that rotates on a scale of 0 to the maximum of 5. Finally, both the stylus and the cartridge boast a stainless steel build. Designed with style and function in mind, Supersonic is also conceived as an especially durable product. The all-metal body and components would ensure that this elegant turntable stands up to the test of time. While currently only a concept, the turntable would probably become a hit with vinyl fans who are also design lovers. Images© Rod Romantsov.

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