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  • A Birdhouse “for Rich Birds”

    Oli-Bird is a recent creation by the Finnish designer Nikolo Kerimov. Exploring what “luxury” could possibly…

  • Rustic Log Birdhouses

    Designed by Moger Mehrhof Architects, Log Quartered Birdhouses are simply made of wood and metal….

  • Grovemade Walnut Birdhouse

    This luxurious birdhouse was designed and handcrafted by Grovemade in Portland, Oregon. Made of brass…

  • Mikko Birdhouses by Pygmalion

    Designed by PYGMALION, Mikko is series of ceramic and wooden birdhouses and feeders. The songbird-sized…

  • Tait’s Australian Birdcabins

    Designed and made in Australia, Tait’s Birdcabin is a sustainably crafted home for small birds….

  • Tree Ring Birdhouse

    Designed by Jarrod Lim for furniture makers Hinika, the tree ring birdhouse diverges from the…

  • Surfin Bird by Dreikant

    The Surfin Bird house stands proudly on stilt bird legs. Made with the needs of…

  • Arbor Birdhouse by Loll Designs

    Tweet this contemporary birdhouse made for feathered friends with class. The Loll Arbor Birdhouse is…

  • DIY Birdhouse by Mapog

    Considering that a bird’s natural home is located up in the trees, it is only…

  • TweeTin Birdhouse by InDezign

    As demonstrated by the designers at InDezign, birdhouses don’t have to be handcrafted, wooden objects….