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A birdhouse is a perfect way to make your garden or terrace more welcoming to birds. However, a modern birdhouse can also give your outdoor living spaces a stylish makeover. We’ve put together a list of elegant and creative birdhouses to help you transform your home’s outdoor areas into a haven for feathery visitors. At the same time, any one of these products will also showcase your impeccable taste in design. Read on to discover the perfect way to make your garden sing in more ways than one.


Bird & Breakfast Birdhouse

If you want to be a gracious host, why not go all out with a multifunctional design? The Bird & Breakfast Birdhouse from Utoopic is a perfect choice. It’s designed with a modular build that brings together a nest, a feeder, and dividers along with a contrasting black strap. Easy to assemble, the white concrete and pine plywood birdhouse provides a sheltered feeding and nesting space for an array of birds. The practical design also allows the user to clean the modern birdhouse in an easy way.

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Your garden deserves the best. And it doesn’t get much better than this award-winning design that received the 2013 European Consumer’s Choice Award. Created by designer Andreu Carulla, NeighBirds features a hexagonal shape and a branch perch. The stretching fabric offers the option to  add more birdhouses or feeders to create a feathery neighborhood in your garden. NeighBirds features natural materials. The untreated pine wood will naturally weather and age over time to blend into your garden further.

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Hole Inn

Tree trunk burrows, re-imagined for design lovers. Made by Utoopic, Hole Inn aims to make small birds feel at home with a bark-like facade. This cork and concrete modern birdhouse provides perfect insulation to provide the inhabitants a comfortable living space. At the same time, the stylish design also puts a focus on function. The removable front panel makes cleaning as easy as possible, while the versatile design allows the user to install the birdhouse in a horizontal or a vertical orientation.

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Designed by Swedish architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, Birdhaus draws inspiration from the birds’ diet and their ability to act as a natural bug repellent for outdoor living spaces. A beautiful example of a modern birdhouse, this design features clean lines and elegant curves. The 3D printed Birdhaus is made of porcelain and can be installed on an outside wall or on a tree.

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Rapson® Modern Birdhouse

How about a stylish duplex for your garden’s birds? The Rapson® Modern Birdhouse is not only elegant, but also pays homage to mid-century modern architecture with the iconic Ralph Rapson roof line. As practical as it is beautiful, this modern birdhouse design provides a home to two families of birds. Finally, you can also choose the perfect color combination for your outdoor space from an array of options, or you can go full monochrome with a white or black birdhouse.

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Bird Home Urban

Inspired by the Case Study Houses architecture experiment from the 1950s, Five Ply Design’s Bird Home Urban has a charming retro feel. The design offers a colorful take on suburban houses, featuring a solid wood roof and a vibrant facade. Handmade in Seattle, every Bird Home Urban features US-sourced materials and outdoor-friendly finishes. This version of the brand’s modern birdhouse design is smaller and can become the home of birds like wrens and finches.

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Nesting Box

The most playful birdhouse from this list, Nesting Box provides a fun and comfortable home to your feathery friends. Designed by renowned Danish brand Eva Solo, this modern birdhouse offers a creative twist on the classic wooden boxes. It features a stylized design that reminds of a chirping bird thanks to the beak-like opening. Crafted to withstand any weather conditions, this birdhouse features a frost-resistant porcelain build with drainage holes to keep the interior dry and comfortable. Easy to install on a wall or a tree.

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Egg Bird House

Like its name suggests, Egg Bird House has the recognizable oval shape of an egg. A fitting choice for your garden’s birds and for your outdoor decor. Handcrafted from glossy stoneware, this modern birdhouse also features an aluminum perch coated with a protective finish, and a removable aluminum bottom with ventilation and drainage holes. The smaller opening makes the Egg Bird House perfect for tiny feathery friends like wrens and chickadees. Available in gorgeous colors, from light aqua to moss green.

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The perfect choice for brutalist architecture and modern design lovers. Birdy has a minimalist design and a concrete build, making it ideal for outdoor areas with a similar style. However, this elegantly simple modern birdhouse will look at home anywhere. Crafted from fiber-reinforced concrete, Birdy will stand the test of time. You can easily hang it on a branch or a suitable support, whether in a garden or a terrace/balcony.

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Gidon-Bing Bird House

Designed by Brogen Averill Studio, the Gidon-Bing Bird House is the ultimate modern birdhouse for minimalism fans. Versatile and elegant, the design features a curved silhouette with a small opening. The ceramic material boasts a smooth glossy surface, eye-catching textures, or a matte finish in the Cream Speckle, Bone Crackle, and Blue Speckle options respectively.


Birdhouse, Modern Minimalist – The Right Angle

Part of Twig & Timber’s Birdhouse, Modern Minimalist series, The Right Angle celebrates mid-century modern design with a creative twist. This birdhouse boasts a colored roof and side panel in a perfect right angle. A creative way to highlight an architectural feature and reference modern design at the same time. Handmade from reclaimed cedar wood, this birdhouse features a beautiful gradient pattern with a darker color toward the right angle element. Finished with teak oil and a light green color, the roof and side panel enhance the natural colors and natural patterns of the wood further.

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Oak/Stainless Steel Birdhouse

For a more creative design, look no further than this Oak/Stainless Steel Birdhouse. It features a circular shape and a blend of contrasting materials: warm oak and cool stainless steel. Laser cut and bent by hand, the stainless steel elements curve to hug and surround the oiled oak. Made with a generous opening, this product provides a comfortable as well as sheltered feeding and resting place to a variety of birds.

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Midcentury Birdhouse

If you’re not worried about a birdhouse stealing your garden’s thunder, go for Peter Benarcik’s Midcentury Birdhouse. This gorgeous birdhouse is a veritable design feature all on its own. Apart from the stylish mid-century modern design, it also features a vibrant red color to draw attention at a glance. Handmade in Seattle, each modern birdhouse is made with a US-sourced molded walnut walnut plywood veneer, a bright red poplar facade,  and a solid cedar roof with a natural color.

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Three Rings Birdhouse

A fun and creative design meant to make birds feel more comfortable and your garden look more refined. Tree Ring Birdhouse draws inspiration from nature for its bold design. Its sculptural elements reference the rings on the knots of trees, while its egg shape aims to remind birds of their very first home. More than just an artistic design, this modern birdhouse also features a cozy perch, a small opening that keeps predators out, and convenient drainage holes. Made of naturally weather-resistant teak wood.

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Made by North Carolina-based KoolBIrd, Wave has a sculptural design that draws inspiration from nature and architectural forms. A perfect choice for any design lover, this modern birdhouse is also eco-friendly. It features a wooden build made with tropical hardwood scraps sourced from flooring manufacturers, as well as water-based glue and finishes. Generously sized and elegant, the Wave birdhouse offers a comfortable living space for smaller birds while adding a stylish touch to your outdoor areas.

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