A modern bird feeder made from 100% recycled plastic.

Modern birdhouses and feeders come in a range of gorgeous designs; some of them also put a stronger focus on being kind to nature. Designed by Mika and Julie Tolvanen of Studio Tolvanen for their own brand Pidät, Bird Silo perfectly blends modern style and sustainable design. The bird feeder features a removable cone-shaped top that protects the seeds from rain. The concept came to be after the designers – who are also bird lovers – studied the eating habits of their feathery friends from their dining room window. After several prototypes, they perfected the design.

The distinctive design favors small birds who cling vertically as they eat, like woodpeckers, chickadees, or titmice. To fill Bird Silo, the user only needs to lift the cone and pour in the seeds or peanuts. The geometric silhouette features several perching areas that offer direct access to food. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, the bird feeder is not just stylish, it’s also eco-friendly. “We wanted to design a functional sculpture, and we also thought Bird Silo should be a bird feeder whose impact on nature is just feeding the birds,” say the designers.

Since every Bird Silo is made from recycled plastic, each one is one of a kind and features different flecks. The studio used upcycled post-consumer plastic from water bottles and washing machine parts for both the polypropylene feeder and the polyester rope. Stainless steel hardware completes the build. Finally, the user can easily recycle every part when needed. Bird Silo comes in Terracotta and Camp Green colors with cardboard only packaging. Buy here.

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Bird Silo

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