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lighting design

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Source of light and source of modern style. Creative and bold or minimalist and understated. Made with natural and raw or innovative and sleek materials. A perfect way to highlight an area or to create a warm ambience. Contemporary lighting serves two purposes: it brightens living spaces and it enhances a room’s décor. Whether chosen to create a focal point in a room or to complement existing furniture and accessories, lighting becomes an important part of an interior’s character.

Contemporary lighting designs range from understated to revolutionary, from sophisticated to playful. To create pendant, wall, desk, or floor lighting, talented designers draw inspiration from nature, pop culture, celestial bodies, or the mid-century modern era. Sculptural or simplified, eye-catching silhouettes transform living spaces. Dynamic designs or interactive installations go beyond the first function of a light or lamp, while artistic concepts double as decorative items.

Pendant lights hover above a dining table or kitchen island, solitary or in arrangements of multiple units for more visual impact. Portable lights and compact lamps allows the user to bring light to an outdoor area, a garden, a terrace, or even a camping site. Desk and table lamps bring light to work spaces and bedrooms. Floor lamps stand tall in a living room and demand attention. Smaller wall lights brighten specific areas but can also change the mood of an entire room. Contemporary lighting often adds both personality and style to living spaces. And the best designs look just as memorable when they are waiting for the evening to fall and when they come to life with a warm, golden glow.

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