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As the world becomes more and more aware of environmental issues, sustainable architecture has started to become the norm rather than the exception. While many architects and designers have applied sustainable systems in their work for years, often decades, in recent years technological innovations have made using eco-friendly building methods more accessible on a wider scale. Prefab components, composite materials, 3D printing methods, and access to a wider range of recycled and recyclable elements have taken the world of green architecture by storm. On this page, you can browse through some of the most impressive projects that have implemented sustainability in creative and inspiring ways.

Combining contemporary design with environmentally conscious building methods, sustainable architecture offers the perfect solution to build for the future. Residential, public, hospitality, or cultural spaces can all feature eco-friendly systems and materials in varying degrees. In terms of materials, studios often use locally sourced, reclaimed wood and stone as well as especially green materials such as the naturally renewable cork. These buildings also incorporate energy-efficient systems, from solar panels to natural ventilation and cooling systems or rainwater collection units.

Sustainable architecture often includes elements linked to the local context. Traditional craftsmanship and artisan-made furniture connect modern dwellings to their setting while locally sourced or reclaimed materials celebrate the natural landscape or the history of a specific place. Creative architects and designers also look to nature for inspiration. Examples include colorful accents that reference the way sunlight changes over the course of a day, organic and sculptural forms, or wood processing waste used to give cladding a distinct character.

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