sustainable design

As an increasingly larger number of designers and architects follow sustainable design principles, eco-conscious products and homes have become more widespread in the last few years – throughout the world. Consequently, it’s easier than ever before to live a greener life and make thoughtful choices when it comes to product, furniture, and fashion design. On this page, you can discover cutting-edge projects that explore new technologies and materials as well as innovative designs that re-imagine traditional products for a more sustainable present and future.

Like sustainable architecture, sustainable design celebrates nature and environmentally friendly concepts. Here you can find a wide range of projects, including furniture, cutlery, lighting, and footwear. All of them feature creative uses of materials and technology – often both. For example, an eco-friendly sneaker concept made only with biodegradable materials and a special 3D knitting technique. Or the lighting collection made from recycled plastic waste with 3D printing; these bespoke pendants have sculptural forms and elegant designs. Another project proposes using a by-product of kombucha manufacturing to produce eco-friendly and easily compostable cutlery with an organic design.

Sustainable design also looks to nature for inspiration. An exhibition of a Danish designer showcased how architects, designers, and brands can make the most of natural fibers. Apart from fabrics and textiles, the designer also proposed different uses: in architecture, furniture design or insulation systems. Another collection of furniture celebrates sustainability as well as the beauty of raw materials; these products combine reclaimed wood elements with raw steel. Made using a circular, closed-loop production process, a lamp crafted from orange peels offers a creative solution to reclaim and reduce food waste in the food industry.

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