With the modern revival of vinyl records, audio companies have started introducing a wide range of unique turntables. Collaborating with award-winning designers and design studios, artists, and pioneering creatives, various brands have launched turntables that complement their innovative builds with highly sophisticated features and stylish finishes. Here, you can see all of the designs we’ve featured over the years, one more fascinating than the other. From minimalist and sleek to imaginative and one of a kind, these products are the perfect choice for a vinyl lover who is also a contemporary design aficionado.

Every one of these turntables offers something exceptional, whether it’s an entirely new way of playing vinyl records or an innovative take on classic designs. Limited-edition and unique turntables also offer an opportunity to make an audio system at home extra-special. In this category, we’d definitely put Brian Eno’s exclusive, color-changing turntable. Here you can also find a minimalist design that blends metal and wood finishes or a turntable with a transparent box that lets you see the inner workings of the audio system. A plater-less build eliminates reverberations in a creative way, while a patented system that uses magnetic levitation keeps the platter suspended into the air. One of a kind, one design features a “horn” made from paper and shaped like a vintage gramophone; its form efficiently amplifies the sound of the vinyl record.

Some of these turntables combine both cutting-edge digital and analogue technologies. Others allow the user to actually cut vinyl records at home. Finally, wireless Bluetooth technology and custom apps offer incredible control over the music listening experience. Beautifully crafted, these products feature premium materials that complement high-end audio components to offer the perfect blend of durability and quality.

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    A vertical turntable made for audiophiles and design lovers. Modern turntables come in all shapes,…