A symphony of music and color.

World-famous for his pioneering work in ambient and experimental music and his collaborations with musicians, bands, and composers like David Bowie, U2, and David Byrne, Brian Eno is also an accomplished visual artist. Since the 1970s, he has created artworks that combine sound and light in compositions inspired by Russian art and Suprematism. In 2009, his generative installation 77 Million Paintings was projected onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House. His series of Light Boxes feature LED lights in changing combinations of colors that highlight different shapes. One of Brian Eno’s latest works combines his love of music and color in an ingenious way. In a collaboration with Paul Stolper Gallery in London, Eno has created a limited-edition series of color-changing turntables.

These new “colorscapes” marry audio and visual cues in artistic pieces. Each turntable boasts integrated LED lights in the acrylic base and platter, effectively transforming playing music into a dynamic, vibrant experience while giving light a physical, ever-changing form. Turntable (2021) comes in an ultra-limited edition of only 50 signed pieces. Every turntable boasts the artist’s signature as well as the edition number engraved on the right-hand side – at the back. Brian Eno fans and art collectors can grab a turntable only through the Paul Stolper Gallery, although at the time of writing. the series seems sold out entirely. Photographs© Brian Eno.

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