Built at the edge of vineyards among rolling hills drenched in sunshine, wineries are some of the most charming agricultural buildings. That is often because of their heritage, with many family-owned businesses dating back hundreds of years. Whether located in Tuscany, Rioja, or California, modern wineries continue that tradition. And many of them feature stunning designs. On this page, you can see some of the most extraordinary projects we could find around the world. From restored 19th century estates to minimalist concrete buildings, every one of these wineries is special.

Similarly to residential architecture, agricultural buildings need to blend style and function – albeit on a different scale. These wineries feature different designs, but all of them celebrate the natural landscape or the site’s heritage. For example, a concrete and glass winery designed with an ocher color that reminds of the surrounding soil and rock formations or a restored 1970s building that draws inspiration from the vernacular architecture of a rural area. These projects also incorporate industrial sections naturally into the building’s layout, with many wineries putting the wine-making process at the heart of the design.

Apart from established and newly founded wineries that aim to delight the taste buds of wine lovers with new wines, on this page you can also find resorts, bed and breakfasts, and boutique hotels. Built inside or alongside wineries, these retreats offer the perfect opportunity to get away from the city and slow down in a rustic setting. Often immersed into the area’s traditions, guests can experience an area differently while staying in a hotel or a resort that is part of a working winery or farmhouse.

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  • Architecture

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  • Architecture

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