Tom Dixon’s Swirl Collection

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A cutting-edge collection that blends innovation with bold contemporary design.

Launched at the 2019 Maison&Objet fair in Paris, the new Swirl line from Tom Dixon showcases the award-winning designer’s unmistakable, offbeat style. More than just a captivating collection, Swirl also introduces a new type of material. Developed in-house, the marble-like material resembles mesmerizing marbled paper, but has the weighty feel of stone. The secret process involves using recycled powder residue left over from the marble industry. Pigment gives the marble powder a bolder color, while resin provides a convenient way to create solid blocks of material. Skilled workers can then cut, slice, and turn these blocks on a lathe to create different shapes and objects.

In the Swirl collection, stacked geometric elements create multi-dimensional sculptures that also have a functional purpose. The line includes bookends, candle holders, and vases. Each object displays the range’s signature swirls and flowing patterns that remind of marbled paper. However, their substantial weight makes the products from the collection resemble marble sculptures. Smooth surfaces complement the bold patterns and strong color contrasts. At the same time, the pigmentation and pouring process ensures that each product has its own markings and color patterns.

The Swirl line features stepped, dumbbell, and cone candle holders as well as two candelabras. Stepped bookends with geometric forms and elegant vases complete the range. Apart from the black and white marbled patterns, the line also includes multi-colored products with swirls of vibrant colors like orange, red, and blue. The Swirl collection will be available online and in stores this summer. Photographs© Tom Dixon.

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