An aluminum chair with a tubular frame inspired by the classic metal seating of street cafés.

Offering a fresh take on the metal chairs found in street cafés, Austrian designer Klemens Schillinger created the Tube Chair for furniture brand Typ. The design references two elements typical of public settings: the aforementioned chairs and the handrails found in buses and trains. Simple and ingenious at the same time, the chair features a minimalist and sculptural aluminum frame. A bent tube creates the backrest, armrests, and the two front legs. At the back, two separate tubes create the rear legs and provide stability. The tubular frame has aluminum connectors that create a sturdy structure which also allows stacking.

Made by Typ in northern Italy, the Tube Chair features a CNC bent structure and connectors made from the highest grade of aluminum. As a result, the chair suits both indoor and outdoor areas. Tube conveniently stacks up to three chairs high, to take up minimal space in storage and to also make moving more than one chair easier. Typ offers the chair with different colors and finishes. Customers can choose between two silver gray options: the polished or the anodized aluminum frames. Additionally, the chair comes in black, green, and blue versions. Photography © Leonhard Hilzensauer.

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