“Kitchen jewels” with a cutting-edge design that revolutionizes the standard kitchen knife with safety in mind.

From furniture, lighting and household items to fashion, cars and accessories, Italian designers often infuse their creations with a distinct avant-garde spirit, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design and even blurring the lines between art, design and everyday life. Tiziano Paulon is one of these designers. Born in 1964 in Treviso, Italy, he completed degrees in architecture and art in Venice. A multidisciplinary creative, he is a designer, painter, sculptor, and photographer as well as an art gallery owner. Believing that design should add real value to users’ lives and improve their quality of life, Tiziano Paulon takes a holistic approach to his work. Minimalist aesthetics, a harmonious balance of proportions, technology and innovation come together in objects that are as expressive in their pure forms as they are impressive in their individuality.

Introducing the Tiziano Paulon SafeKnife Collection - Gessato

The story of the Tiziano Paulon kitchen knife collection began in 2001, with a design competition that encouraged designers to explore the concept of innovation in the world of homeware. Inspired to bring something fresh to the table and provide a solution to a real-life problem, the designer studied data on domestic accidents and discovered that kitchen knives were involved in almost 20% of the overall cases. His solution? SafeKnife, which Paulon also calls “kitchen jewels.” Developed after three years of research and experimentation, the patented design maximizes safety with an ingenious focus on the box-shaped handle and the use of a monobloc construction.

Ingenious details that improve both safety and performance.

Every Tiziano Paulon knife is crafted from a single block of surgical carbon steel, without any rivets, welding or plastic parts. Consequently, these knives are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. However, their standout feature is their safety. The 5 levels of hand protection ensure safe cutting and slicing even when completing these tasks with a wet or greasy handle. Perfectly balanced, the knives feature box-shaped handles and an offset blade position to improve precision. Additionally, the blades boast holes that eliminate the suction cup effect while cutting. Guards on the handle prevent hands from sliding either forward or backward. The position of the thumb ensures not only that the handle remains stable and doesn’t rotate, but also enhances pressure for more efficient cuts.

As for the hand-sharpened blades, they cut perfectly. Made from a special carbon steel alloy sourced from Japan, the blades are hard and lightweight as well as easy to sharpen when needed. Beautifully finished, the knives feature an electropolished, perfectly smooth surface. Coupled with the one-piece build with no gaps between parts, this finishing process makes the Tiziano Paulon more hygienic than other similar products. Finally, the company keeps the manufacturing local to reduce the collection’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. Made in Italy, all Tiziano Paulon knives come to life through an artisanal process, making each knife one-of-a-kind.

Introducing the Tiziano Paulon SafeKnife Collection - Gessato

A complete collection of kitchen knives that suit any task.

The Tiziano Paulon collection comprises knives for any tasks. And when we say that, we mean it. If you’re looking for a diving knife you can take with you on outdoor adventures, the brand’s got you covered. Apart from essentials like chef’s knives and chopping, vegetable, and carving knives, the collection also includes tools for highly precise cutting and slicing tasks, including a truffle shaver. Additionally, you can find specialized knives for cheese, pizza, or fresh pasta, along with multipurpose knives and kitchen knives for left- and right-handed users.

Available as individual products or in sets, the Tiziano Paulon knives are great as a gift for fans of cooking (from amateurs to pros) and lovers of Italian design. The sets include essential and pro knife selections, with gift boxes and knife cases of 7 and 15 pieces also available. The collection also comprises accessories like knife sharpeners, spacers, and sheaths for every type of Tiziano Paulon knife. Explore the collection in the Gessato Design Store.

Introducing the Tiziano Paulon SafeKnife Collection - Gessato

Introducing the Tiziano Paulon SafeKnife Collection - Gessato

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