A book that explores the ways everyday people from around the world live sustainably.

We live in exciting but also challenging times. The effects of climate change devastate landscapes and also cause collapse in the numbers of various species, disrupting the balance of ecosystems. Plastic drowns the oceans and pollutes every area of the planet, from deserts to the Himalayas. Cheap, disposable products create endless landfills. So now is a crucial time to live more sustainably. With Us & Our Planet, Phaidon and IKEA aim to shine a light on the different ways we can lead more responsible lives that focus on the well-being of both nature and our fellow humans. The book explores the solutions that everyday people have found to live more sustainably.

From artists and activists to gardeners, chefs, and athletes, the book shows practical and ingenious ways everyday people live their lives at a slower pace, in tune with the rhythm of the planet. These stories come from places as different as New York and Bali, Nigeria and Lebanon. One thing they have in common? The understanding that everything is connected and that making good choices propagates to improve the life of communities. Us & Our Planet, This Is How We Live shows different ways to make either small or big changes in order to live sustainably. Apart from these inspiring stories, the book also highlights some of IKEA’s most iconic products launched over the years. The tome features a thoughtful design with an exposed spine and the IKEA ruler that acts as a bookmark. You can find the book online in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish at Phaidon. Photography© Phaidon.

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