We all know that one person who can’t go a day without their trusty cup o’ joe. Maybe that person is you. But those daily trips to the coffee shop really start to add up – so let’s make it easier to brew your own bold drink right at home. From refined and stylish gadgets to scrumptious blends, these gifts are just as exciting as their caffeinated inspiration…and sure to win over the sophisticated taste of the coffee-obsessed.

Rokmaker Hand-powered Espresso Machine

Make everyday more special with this classic copper and chrome design. Designed by London-based ROK, the compact and portable, electricity-free design is an absolute essential. Between its obvious utility to its devastating good looks, the ROKMAKER makes it possible to enjoy your very own espresso in style – and on the go. Thanks to a human-powered design, the ROKMAKER eliminates the energy and material waste involved in the traditional espresso-making process. The coffee-obsessed can use it to make anything from ristretti to a simpler latte. Complete with a portafilter, stainless steel milk frother, a splitter, tamp, and spoon — all contained in a gleaming stainless steel travel tin — The ROKMAKER is the gift that will last a lifetime.

Buy: $190


Hario Buono Coffee Drip V60 Kettle

Any java addict knows the importance of a well-executed pour-over, and the folks at Clive Coffee agree: technique counts, and “precision is a must.” Equipped with a long, narrow spout and a sleek stainless steel or copper finish, their Buono kettle is an easy way to brew the perfect cup. Boil up to 40 fl. ounces on the stove-top, then give it a quick rinse in the dishwasher. The simple Japanese design makes an easy and elegant addition to the everyday.

Buy: $90



Snow Peak Folding Coffee Drip

Whether you’re hiking the Inca trail or living in a tiny city flat, this clever collapsible design will keep you efficiently energized. Incredibly lightweight and easy to use, this stainless steel pour-over brewer from the outdoor experts at Snow Peak is an essential in any coffee-lover’s life. No matter where life takes you, you’ll be able to take comfort in your daily brew.

Buy: $30


Ratio Eight Percolator

“Coffee should be enjoyed…it is one of the daily pleasures of our lives.” So believe the makers of the Ratio Eight coffee maker; with just one button and three phases – bloom, brew, and ready – the simple gadget times the bloom and calculates the ideal ratio of water to grounds for the best (and easiest) cup of joe. Die-cast aluminum heats the water to about 202 degrees Farenheit for an ideal brew before sending it through a stainless steel shower head that distributes it evenly over the grounds. Not to mention the clean curvilinear form alone is enough to accentuate and elevate any kitchen or office space. Each stunning machine – available in champagne nickel, bright silver, or dark cobalt — can brew up to 40 ounces of rich, steaming coffee. Hand assembled in (you guessed it) Portland, the graceful wood and metal percolator adds a dash of elegance to the everyday.

Buy: $580



Coffee Story: Ethiopia

Ever wondered where coffee comes from? Learn more about the “country where coffee began” with Coffee Story: Ethiopia, a tale of the beloved crop and its impact on a nation. As an added bonus, 5% of every purchase is donated imagine1day, an organization of passionate individuals who are working to provide access to quality education for all Ethiopians. The perfect choice for the intellectual, activist, or philanthropist of your local coffee circle.

Buy: $55

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

Some days you just don’t have the time to sit down and sip from a steaming ceramic cup. If you’re always on the run – or you’d like to use fewer disposable cups – then this “workhorse” of a travel mug is for you. Leak-proof and vacuum insulated, the fully portable design makes it easy to take your “morning pick-me-up” everywhere you go. Complete with a thermal lid, the Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug can keep drinks hot for 7 hours or iced up to 30 hours. Open the simple top with just one hand as you hop on the train or jump in the car before work, then wash the easily disassembled, dishwasher safe design when you get home. Smart stainless steel construction keeps it rust proof and ruggedly good-looking in four bold colors: Hammertone Ice, Green, Navy, and Crimson.

Buy: $28


Moustache Coffee Club Subscription

What better way to satisfy the caffeine cravings of a java addict than with a regular subscription to the best beans around? Moustache Coffee Club offers weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly options so you can sip fresh roasted coffee from the comfort of your own home, whether you require a morning fix or occasionally enjoy an excellent brew. With free shipping and anytime cancellation, this smart service guarantees consistently “Amazing Coffee.”

Buy: $19


Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

This outstanding coffee liqueur is much more than a standard bottle of Kahlua; it’s “a unique drop that embodies Australia’s progressive coffee culture and [their] unrelenting pursuit of steel ground, cold extracted, caffeinated perfection.” The drink from down under is made from a blend of pure Australian grain spirit and three specialty coffees, which results in an ink black, bitter nectar with a sweet finish and notes of java throughout. Best enjoyed in cocktails…or straight up. Mr. Black is not for the faint of heart.

Buy: $59



Kapu Multi-Purpose Coffee Scoop

There’s a certain beauty in simplicity that coffee drinkers know all too well. Crafted by hand from birch plywood in Finland, the Kapu Coffee Scoop and Bag Closer combines organic and geometric elements in an elegant, multi-functional tool. All it takes to appreciate this gorgeous design by Teemu Karhunen is good taste – for bold drinks and sleek styles alike.

Buy: $26


Canadiano Wooden Pour Over

The Canadian-made Canadiano has been called “the prettiest way to brew pour over coffee,” and it’s easy to see why. Carved from a raw block of wood, each unique piece is designed to remember your personal taste as the natural fibers absorb the aroma of your favorite beans, while a metal filter eliminates unnecessary paper waste. The White Ash Edition, a stunningly simple form that accentuates its material, is the best introduction to Canadiano’s refined collection. Keep in mind that this particular wood works best for light and medium roasts, while The Cherry Edition is a better fit for darker roasts. This “personal” brewing experience goes truly unmatched; you can’t do much better for the coffee connoisseur in your life.

Buy: $45

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