An ingenious collection designed for 3D printing at home.

Established by Aleš and Tereza Boem in Prague, Czech Republic, Boem Studio aims to stop the endless cycle of consumerism in an ingenious way. Drawing inspiration from 3D printing technology, the couple designed a series of products that customers can download and print at home. Following on the footsteps of fun vases and tableware inspired by food, their Nothing Else collection offers a more minimalist approach to 3D printing home decor. The digital, downloadable designs offer customers a convenient way to print objects at home, but at a fraction of the price of a physical product. 3D printer owners can also print their home accessories more than once.

The Nothing Else collection comprises everything from lamps and pendants to trays, storage solutions, measuring cups, planters, or desk accessories. Every item blends function and minimalist design. Simple as well as practical, the products complement virtually any interior. To make the collection even greener, the studio recommends the use of eco-friendly and recyclable printing filaments. Those looking for 3D printing home decor can choose designs that range in price from around $1 to $7. Customers can also print their objects as many times as they wish and in any color they prefer. Plus, since they’re digital files, they can receive their designs instantly and bring them to life right away. Photography© Boem Studio.

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