A stunning retreat designed in complete harmony with nature.

Many recent architectural projects blend into wild landscapes, but few can match the striking SJA III house. Designed by the Casas De Mexico (CDM) architecture firm, this retreat makes the gorgeous coastal landscape its home. The location in the town of San Juan de Alim, western Mexico offers access to breathtaking ocean views. The studio embedded the structure into a rocky hill, using the features of the site as a guide. The building almost disappears into the lush vegetation and surrounding rock formations, with vines cascading over the roof and onto the sides of the building. As a result, SJA III stands in perfect harmony with nature, creating a dialogue between contemporary architecture and the rugged landscape.

Featuring an open-plan design, the interior is bright as well as welcoming. Rich brown wood covers the walls and the ceiling, giving warmth to the décor. On the side connected to the hill, the interior features exposed natural stone which links the living space to the local context. Thanks to the use of retractable walls, the clients can open the living room to the lush surroundings and the Pacific Ocean. Stone steps lead to the most striking feature of the entire property: a swimming pool carved into the rock. Alongside traditional tiles, the architects also used the natural features of the stone. Thus, the studio cemented the link between the retreat and nature and created a memorable design. Photographs© Rory Gardiner and Javier Dueñas.

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