Originally founded in London in 1995, Soho House was primarily developed as a members’ club for those in film, media, and creative industries. It has since expanded to include locations not only across Europe, but also in North America and has evolved into hotels, spas, cinemas, and finally our favorite — restaurants.

With sixteen individually designed and inspired restaurant locations in London, Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles, Soho House kitchens have their own personality and atmosphere and offer a range of cuisines from modern British to classic Italian.

In London, three significant restaurants widely successful through Soho House Kitchens include Café Boheme, The Hoxton Grill and Dean Street Townhouse, to name just a few. Café Boheme is located in the heart of Soho, London and is a French café, beautifully embellished in traditional Parisian flair. Its extensive hours allow anyone to stop by for food or drink from anytime throughout the day until as late as three AM.

Soho House kitchens have their own personality and atmosphere and offer a range of cuisines from modern British to classic Italian.

The Hoxton Grill lives in East London and is designed in the style of classic American grills. The Hoxton Grill is a neighborhood restaurant that offers comfortable banquette seating, a bar, a lounge and garden and is the ideal place to meet and eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dean Street Townhouse located in central London is actually a 39-bedroom hotel and all-day dining room that lives inside a four story Georgian townhouse, which is not only rich due to its historical significance but also for its beautiful Georgian architecture. The dining room remains open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner and also continuously serves a weekly changing menu of seasonal British food. Its classic interior and lighting brings an atmosphere to life that was common during a former era.

Soho House made its way to the states and is commonly recognized in Chicago for their upscale décor and extensive dish selection. One of their most popular restaurants includes The Allis, and directly above that lives Chicken Stop Chicago.

The Allis is a serendipitous beauty when it comes to décor, and is the ideal restaurant for a relaxed meeting, quick bite, or after-work drink. It is a lounge and bar that includes a beautiful and wide art collection which is displayed throughout the space. The restaurant also offers views of the city with its long floor-to-ceiling windows and also in result, brings plenty of natural light into the space.

In their Miami Beach location, Cecconi’s Miami Beach provides an elegant and upscale décor with lights shimmering beautifully in trees and lanterns hanging in clusters above tables. Cecconi’s serves classic Italian food, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and “cicchetti,” also known as Italian tapas, everyday of the week. A separate Cecconi’s also launched in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and concentrates on sourcing the finest quality ingredients for their Venetian influences food and drink.

Soho House Kitchens are hidden gems throughout Europe and major cities in the U.S. The décor and overall ambience of each kitchen remains different for every location providing each restaurant with its own character. While the exclusive members club stays limited, dining in these well-established restaurants is an experience in itself and leaves you with a little taste of exactly what Soho House is all about.

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