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Two Years On A Bike

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An epic journey from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina.

Following on the footsteps – or rather, the bicycle tire marks – of One Year On A Bike, Dutch photographer, designer, and travel writer Martijn Doolaard has collaborated with publisher gestalten once again. This time, on a book that captures an even longer journey. Titled Two Years On A Bike. From Vancouver to Patagonia, the book chronicles another epic journey. While for the first book Doolaard rode his bike from Amsterdam to Singapore, this time he started his adventure from Canada and ended it on the southern tip of Argentina. Similarly to the previous bicycle trip, the author completed this two-year journey entirely on his own, riding his bike through rugged landscapes and cities, on sunny and rainy days. He also recorded the entire adventure, both with photographs and video.

The stunning images show spectacular landscapes, from sequoia forests to deserts and canyons. Packing only essentials onto his bike, Doolaard cycled thousands of miles along winding roads, jungles, and mountain passes to end his trip in the breathtaking Patagonia. This hardcover book is stitch bound and features 416 pages and full color photographs. Part of the Escape series, Two Years On A Bike. From Vancouver to Patagonia shows a different way of traveling and living in the world; one that celebrates simplicity and closeness to nature. Perfect as a gift for travel lovers, this book costs $60 book in the gestalten online store. Photographs © Martijn Doolaard.

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