A distinctive table crafted by hand from thin aluminum sheets.

After graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven with a degree in Contextual Design, product designer Jan Ankiersztajn established his eponymous studio in Poznań, Poland. His work explores materiality and sensory experiences as well as the essence of objects through minimalist design. Using traditional and experimental techniques, the designer creates furniture and sculptural objects that also work well as decorative items. His designs range from seating and tables to jugs and bowls. Regardless of scope and purpose, the designer’s work looks modern and primeval at the same time. The Aluminum Coffee Table Nº7 is no exception.

Part of a series of sculpture-like furniture, the table has a hefty silhouette that creates the illusion of weight. However, the object is made from several thin sheets of aluminum that measure only 2mm or about 0.08 inches in thickness. The designer used traditional methods to build the table by hand. Carefully shaped and then fitted and welded on the edges to create a watertight form, the aluminum sheets highlight the mass and shape of the piece of furniture. The coffee table boasts three massive legs with both curved and angular sides. A slightly irregular edge across the oval top and a raw aluminum texture give the design a distinctive look. At the same time, these details accentuate the handmade nature of the object. Photographs © Jan Ankiersztajn.

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