An innovative lamp that takes inspiration from antique candle holders.

Designed by Hiroto Yoshizoe for Japanese lighting brand Ambientec, Hymn reimagines the traditional chamberstick candle holder as a sophisticated lamp. The design is based on a prototype presented by the designer at the 2019 Salone Satellite in Milan, and which was seen and loved by Ambientec’s CEO Yoshinori Kuno. Two years of research and development later, the completed lamp features a patent-pending design that explores the movement of light. The concept takes inspiration from antique heirlooms, but refines them with a contemporary twist. While innovative and crafted with a blend of modern LED technology, magnets, and an acrylic lens, the lamp also has a poetic soul.

“The original idea for HYMN came to me in an unusual moment. I was in an ancient church in Florence. Suddenly, in a chapel illuminated by a thin beam of natural light from outdoors, I was captivated by a single luminous spot floating in space. The magic of that one candle casting its light all around is exactly what, together with Ambientec, we have managed to capture in the design of HYMN,” explains Hiroto Yoshizoe.

More than just a creatively designed lamp, Hymn uses magnets to reproduce the sway of a candle flame. Switching the lamp on activates two magnets that make the pendulum lens move. The constant oscillations have a natural and unpredictable rhythm. At the same time, the transparent acrylic lens refracts the light of the 2000K LED with a warm glow. It’s a light show that recreates the soft movements of a candle flame in a modern lamp.

Similarly to old chamberstick candle holders, Hymn is portable. It features an anodized aluminum handle and a matching base with a black or gold finish. The rechargeable battery makes it easy to bring light to any space. A removable glass cap completes the design. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas, Hymn is entirely waterproof. The design also suits residential and contract spaces, including restaurants and coffee shops. Photographs© Rie Amano Hiroshi Iwasaki, Giuseppe De Francesco.

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