Japanese design

Whether traditional or modern, Japanese design is the perfect embodiment of the minimalist aesthetic. On this page, you can discover a wide range of architectural and interior design projects, product designs, apparel collections, and innovative concepts created by Japanese architects and designers. Inspired by ancient traditions or by modern lifestyles, all of these projects showcase an exceptional focus on function and on the exploration of essential forms. Simplicity meets ingenuity in every one of these examples; from the cast iron pans that fit into each other perfectly to the tree house that re-imagines the classic tea house with a whimsical twist.

Japanese design has inspired the Western world for a long time. And it shows no signs of losing its influence. Contemporary interiors often reference traditional Japanese houses and their effortless take on minimalist living. Here you can read an introduction to modern Japanese interior design, along with ideas and tips on how to decorate a home in this style. Another project combines traditional craftsmanship with subtly futuristic design in fresh takes on ordinary objects. Designed to become heirlooms, these products also double as decorative items. Other projects show the minimalist elegance of contemporary Japanese furniture and home accessories.

Apart from featuring minimalist forms and clean lines, Japanese design is also defined by materiality. Wood, cast iron, porcelain, and metal all become the tools with which talented designers and architects create quiet masterpieces. Concepts with roots in Japanese culture and tradition, like wabi-sabi or kintsugi, also make their way into some of these contemporary designs and spaces, often with spectacular results.

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