A creative design that references the perfect harmony of tango.

Whether you have oversized planters in your home or just a few small succulents, it’s important to have a reliable watering can that also looks good. Designed by Henry Julier and Pete Oyler for Areaware, the Tango Watering Can re-imagines a ubiquitous item and household essential as an elegant object. Like the name suggests, the design references the dance of tango. More specifically, the perfect balance between the two dancers as they move in tandem. The watering can features a symmetrical design with the handle and spout slightly angled, but in different directions. While the spout curves upwards, the handle curves towards the user. This harmonious dialogue between the two elements has an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Comfortable to hold, the watering can is also easy to use to water indoor plants or flowers in a garden. An inset lid ensures that the water flows only through the spout as the user tilts the watering can. Similarly to other Areaware products, the Tango Watering Can complements its clean, minimalist design with a quality build. Made from steel and brass, it has a powder-coated finish that minimizes maintenance and extends the durability of the product at the same time. The watering can has a capacity of 32 oz and comes in Green, Red, and White versions. You can find the Tango Watering Can online starting from April, 2022.

Tango Watering Can

Designer: Henry Julier, Pete Oyler Price: $85 Shop Now
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