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Potted plants provide the perfect solution to bring a piece of nature into homes, compact apartments, or outdoor living spaces in urban areas. Larger plants, small trees, and medium-sized cacti can have an even bigger effect on a way a room looks and feels. However, from huge pots to fiddle leaf fig planters, you’ll need a well-designed product to make the most of your beloved plants. We have put together a list of outdoor and indoor oversized planters that look gorgeous anywhere. From copper pots inspired by origami to concrete planters and terracotta pots that reference Paris’ rooftops, we’re certain that this list includes your new favorite oversized planter.


Spun Planter

Like it name suggests, the Spun Planter is crafted from spun aluminum. More specifically, from hand-spun aluminum that also features a durable powder-coated finish. And since they’re made by Yield Design, these large plants and fiddle leaf fig planters also look elegant. Each self-watering planter has a convenient reservoir that separates standing water from the soil to reduce the risk of rot for the roots. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Spun Planter has a diameter of 16’’ and comes in a pretty peach color.

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Bau Large Pot

If you want to bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your garden, this design is a great choice. The Ferm Living Ando Pot is simple and beautiful. It features a rounded form with a wide opening and a generous size that suits larger plants perfectly. Made from terracotta, the pot has a tactile surface and a warm, earthy color that reminds of landscapes in southern Italy. Inside, this planter features a water repellent layer. This means that you can use Ando in indoor or outdoor living spaces. A round saucer is also included with this planter.

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Vayu Ceramic Floor Planter

Transform your plants into living sculptures with the imaginative Vayu Ceramic Floor Planter. Designed by Light + Ladder, the planters explore the concept of volume, void, and peeling layers to uncover the core. Crafted by a family-run, zero waste workshop, these indoor oversized planters come in two matte finishes. The stoneware color has a light and warm sandy hue, while the porcelain option features a bright, snowy white surface. Both versions boast a clear glaze finish on the interior.

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Copper Origami Planters

A striking design from our list of outdoor and indoor oversized planters, the Copper Origami Planters blur the line between functional and decorative object. Designed by Trey Jones Studio, the planters draw inspiration from origami paper folding techniques. As a result, they look more creative than standard plant pots. The solid copper has a rich color and glossy surface. Over time, the outdoor planters will develop a gorgeous green to brown patina with darker lines and textures. A perfect choice for a balcony or terrace, these planters come in three sizes, to suit a wide range of plants.

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Hourglass Pot

Gardening and taking (good) care of plants takes time and patience, but offers great rewards. The Hourglass Pot exemplifies this beautifully with its creative silhouette. Shaped like an hourglass, these outdoor or indoor oversized planters allow you to plant smaller or larger plants, depending on the side you want to use as a base. At the same time, this ingenious design ensures that the roots have plenty of space to grow. The more spacious side makes these pots ideal fiddle leaf fig planters. Made from metal, these planters are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Plus, they feature a black and dark gray finish to make the bright green colors of your plants stand out even more.

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Oblique Brick Planter

Designed by Andrew Molleur, the Oblique Brick Planter has a cool industrial aesthetic. The minimalist design brings together the plant pot and the water tray in a seemingly seamless object. However, the user can easily separate the two when needed. This planter not only looks good, it also promotes healthy growth for your plants with a generously sized interior. Handcrafted in the US, the planter is made from porcelain and features a matte finish on the exterior and a glossy surface on the interior.

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Cantaro Pots

Mid-century modern design meets artisan craftsmanship in the Cantaro Pots from The Citizenry collection. As elegant as you’d expect them to be, the planters have a stylish silhouette. Paired with the black steel bases, they look like decorative sculptures. Each burnished clay planter takes three weeks to craft, as experienced artisans from Mexico shape and finish the pots by hand. In a similar way to other planters from this list, the Cantaro Pots suit both indoor living spaces and outdoor areas.

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Cup Planter

Minimalist and stylish, the Cup Planter is a natural addition to our list of outdoor and indoor oversized planters. Designer Naoto Fukasawa took inspiration from antique wooden bowls for the design, with the goal to create a comfortable home for plants. This extra-large version is especially suitable for voluminous plants. Made in Italy, the Cup Planter features a sturdy, double-walled, UV and weather-resistant build. The polyethylene material is not only durable, but it’s also 100% recyclable. As it measures 27.5’’ in diameter, this product is perfect for those who are looking for large plant pots or fiddle leaf fig planters with a minimalist design.

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Case Study Ceramics® Large Cylinder with Stand

If you’re going to buy some large, indoor oversized planters, you can’t go wrong with a product from iconic brand Modernica. Case in point? The Case Study Ceramics® Large Cylinder with Stand. As elegant as they are practical, these planters have a cool mid-century modern aesthetic. Made from high fired ceramic, the planter comes in five colors: White, Blood Orange, Charcoal, Mustard, and Pebble. All of them come with either teak wood or powder-coated black steel bases that resist the elements and make the planters perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Brice Planter

The modern Brice Planter brings an elegant minimalist style to your gardening space. Whether you need some refined fiddle leaf fig planters or spacious pots for larger plants, this design is a great choice. These earthenware planters are available in white or terracotta colors that complement virtually any color scheme. Both versions include contrasting black steel bases that elevate the planters in an elegant way. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the Brice Planter has a water drainage hole and measures 14’’ in diameter.

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Large Etch Planter

Inspired by vintage patterns, the Large Etch Planter from Capra Designs is significantly more elegant than ordinary plant pots. Indeed, this planter is a decorative item in of itself. Handmade with care, the pot features a beautiful hand-etched design. Like all handcrafted objects, each planter is one-of-a-kind and may feature variations in color and small irregularities that enhance the design’s artisan charm further. These indoor oversized planters come with a tray, which means that you can use them to pot plants directly. Available in a neutral Salt color.

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Large Louise Pot

Designed with a spacious interior and larger trays, these pots may be the best fiddle leaf fig planters. Capra Designs’ Large Louise Pot provides a stylish solution to grow larger plants or to take care of your greenery even when you’re away on vacation. The taller, oversized trays keep more water, which brings more peace of mind during the hotter months. Like other products from Capra Designs, the Large Louise Pot is expertly handmade. This planter comes in two versions: the earthy Salt/Agave and the summery Desert/Gold.

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Norden 12’’ Planter

Made by California-based brand Norden, this elegantly simple planter blends into any décor with ease. The Norden 12’’ Planter boasts a minimalist design that looks fantastic anywhere and a beautiful forest green color that will complement any plants. Handmade in the US, the earthenware pot has a matte green glaze and measures 12’’ in diameter. Over time and with use, the color may change slightly. Naturally, each planter is one-of-a-kind. These ceramic pots suit both indoor living spaces and outdoor areas, making them the perfect medium-sized cactus or fiddle leaf fig planters.

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Bau Pot Large

A celebration of the Bauhaus movement, the Bau Pot Large is a must-have for green-thumbed design and architecture lovers. Created in a collaboration between ferm LIVING and Herman Studio, the pot has a ribbed pattern and an industrial aesthetic. The planter comes with a simple stand that elevates the plants slightly above the ground level. Made from galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish, the Bau Pot Large suits both indoor and outdoor use. While we love the versatility of the black version, you can also choose between other colors, including dark green or dusty pink.

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Moda Large Cement Planter

We had to include at least one concrete pot in our list of outdoor and indoor oversized planters. The Moda Large Cement Planter is a perfect choice, as it also has a simple design that doesn’t compromise on style. Made from cement, this pot features a matte gray surface and gorgeous textures. The brass-plated iron tray adds an elegant accent to the minimalist concrete planter thanks to a golden color and a satin finish. Ideal for larger plants and medium-sized cacti, the Moda Large Cement Planter suits indoor use only.

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Flower Pots: Toits de Paris

Inspired by brick chimneys and the roofs of France’s capital city, Flower Pots: Toits de Paris look warm as well as effortlessly elegant. Designer Alice Rosignoli kept the design simple and organic, using a subtly tapered form for the pots. The terracotta planters come in different sizes that look great in a dynamic composition in a living room or on a balcony. The larger pots are ideal fiddle leaf fig planters, but you can also use them for any big plants or small trees. The planters have a drainage opening on the bottom and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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Ando Pot

If you want to bring a touch of the Mediterranean into your garden, this design is a great choice. The Ferm Living Ando Pot is simple and beautiful. It features a rounded form with a wide opening and a generous size that suits larger plants perfectly. Made from terracotta, the pot has a tactile surface and a warm, earthy color that reminds of landscapes in southern Italy. Inside, this planter features a water repellent layer. This means that you can use Ando in indoor or outdoor living spaces. A round saucer is also included with this planter.

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