Vibrant rugs designed with an abstract, pixel pattern.

Ukrainian artist and designer Kristina Gaidamaka creates colorful textiles, modern rugs, and objects that celebrate the beauty of nature with a whimsical twist. For her new collection of handmade rugs, she designed an abstract pattern that reminds of pixelated images. The line features vibrant rugs that are as eye-catching as they are versatile. The Art Rugs Islands come in two versions: Forest Island and Golden Island. While the former boasts green, blue, yellow, and purple colors that offer an abstract take on a woodland setting, the latter features a bright red, orange, and yellow color palette with green and blue accents to resemble a garden in bloom. On one side of the circle, the “pixels” escape the border and seem to spill onto the floor.

Every rug is handmade and features a blend of natural wool and viscose. The manual hand-tufting technique gives the wool extra softness as well as more volume. Added to add vibrancy and clarity to the pixel pattern, the viscose also brings a silky accent to the rugs. Large and bold, the rugs measure 220 cm in diameter, or around 87 inches, ensuring that they’ll create a focal point anywhere, but especially in large rooms. You can find both versions at Art & Design by Kristina Gaidamaka at a price of €2,950 or about $3,580. Photographs© Kristina Gaidamaka.

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