Studio Wok


Lugano, Switzerland




Marcello Mariana

A traditional stone house, redesigned with minimalist interiors that open to lake views.

Built after World War II on a steep slope of a mountain, between an urbanized area and a woodland, this traditional stone house overlooks striking views of Lake Lugano in Switzerland. Milan-based studio wok renovated and redesigned the house for a young family who wanted a home with a strong connection with the surrounding nature. The firm completely refurbished the interiors and also carried out some necessary but minor interventions on the facade. Contrasting the stone walls, a wooden balcony was redesigned while keeping its traditional character intact. A metal parapet and double uprights give a contemporary feel, but maintain the typology of the original balcony. Furthermore, the team painted all exterior timber elements black to mirror the play between light and shadow of the landscape. The ground floor contains the main living spaces while the upper level houses the bedrooms.

In the open-plan living area, the architects designed a modern kitchen and dining space. Integrated in the staircase, a fireplace brings warmth and a feeling of coziness into the heart of the home. The studio used a simple, neutral material palette throughout, both to create minimalist living spaces and to put the focus on the lake views. The windows, custom-made furniture and wall paneling are all crafted from solid oak. Polished concrete floors run through the ground level, while upstairs the team used solid oak floor strips, along with reclaimed wood doors. Lime plaster covers the walls and ceilings, reflecting the light coming through the large windows. The architects used color sparingly. Only the kitchen, fireplace and master bathroom feature splashes of eye-catching hues. Stone inserts and vanity units made of dark green serpentine stone contrast the light walls and flooring. Photography © Marcello Mariana.

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