The Originals Furniture Collection

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Flat-pack furniture designed with ingenious self-tightening metal clips.

Completed by London-based Fuzl Studio, the Originals furniture collection blends convenience and flexibility in a versatile design that aims to redefine flat-pack furniture as a well-crafted, sustainable product. While developed as a flat-pack line, these pieces of furniture are unlike other similar products. That’s because the studio used heavy-duty, industrial steel clips that make assembly as easy as possible without the need for extra tools.

The craft-engineered joints are also self-tightening, which means that they don’t require securing over the years. They also last a lifetime, as they are designed to hold shipping crates together through international transit. At the same time, they’re easy to remove and allow the user to repair the furniture – if needed – by replacing only specific parts. Apart from this ingenious feature, the Originals furniture is also a great example of sustainabile design. The company used FSC-certified timber sourced from responsibly managed European forests and food-safe, VOC-free finishes. The hand-finished surfaces feature natural oils and pigments that enhance the character of the wood.

This flat-pack furniture range comprises a chair, bench, stool, and three tables. One table doubles as a desk, as the user only needs to flip it over and secure it. All products feature a simple design with a slatted pattern. Available colors range from Black and Birch to Lobster, Moss, Pollen, and Tomato. Keeping in line with the collection’s sustainable foundation, the Originals furniture comes in recycled cardboard packaging. Photographs© Fuzl Studio.

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