The Bedford Shacket by Freeman Sporting Club wears as comforting as a shirt, structured and well pocketed like a jacket. Inspired by the plain faced Japanese labor uniforms, the collar peeks out of the neckline ever so slightly.  It’s bottom corners are rounded off, hitting just below the hip. A dreamy 100% cotton chambray lining throughout even touches the underside of the collar pleasantly matching the oxhorn buttons.  Made by Freeman’s Sporting Club in NYC.

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I find a way to fearlessly provoke your senses and take you by the heart to whatever it is I’m writing about. My sweet spot is creative writing, but for the last 20 years I have been providing freelance content for publications on sustainability and green practices, design, architecture, fashion, and non-profit charity. Recently all wrapped up in producing my first book. I have bounced from NYC to Indianapolis, but my true home is a lovely small town in Central Pennsylvania where there’s a legit drive-your-tractor-to-school-day.

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