A design that celebrates the spirit of the Memphis Group on its 40th anniversary.

In 1981, a group of designers and artists led by Ettore Sottsass launched the Memphis movement that defied the “modernist dictatorship” with bold, colorful, pop art, and futuristic furniture and objects. To achieve their design vision, the movement’s members turned to an unconventional material: laminates. More specifically, products made by Italian brand Abet Laminati. Consequently, the company’s laminates transformed from a product used in kitchens and commercial spaces into a part of a design revolution. To mark the movement’s 40th anniversary, Abet’s design curators Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni organized Super Superfici –The Spirit of Memphis (reloaded), a workshop that explored the reasons that led to the birth of Memphis design.

The collective research project enouraged eight designers to answer a simple question: what it means to be radical in 2021? Inspired by the avant-garde spirit of the Memphis movement, Milan-based designer Federico Angi created the Beep Beep series. His collection uses Abet laminates as a flexible material that covers curved solid surfaces. Simple and complex at the same time, the minimalist objects appear slightly different depending on the viewing angle. The designer used the black outline that indicates the laminate’s thickness as an aesthetic element. Here, the black line highlights the relationship between flat and curved forms as well as angular and sinuous lines.

The designs are multifunctional, as they double as coffee tables or as stools. This first edition comes in a range of colors which the designer chose from the Abet Laminati catalog. Launched during Salone del Mobile 2021, the design show held at the ADI Design Museum also featured furniture and objects created by Zanellato Bortotto, Agustina Bottoni, Antonio de Marco, Chiara Moreschi, Martinelli Venezia, Panter & Tourron, and Mario Scairato. Photography© Alberto Strada.

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