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In the history of design, Italy stands out thanks to the sheer amount of iconic designs created by Italian designers over time. The country is also a leader in a variety of industries. Whether it’s furniture, lighting, fashion, or the automotive industry, Italian design has a distinctive elegance and confidence. Plus, many products are cleverly imaginative, incorporating narrative elements into functional designs, or blurring the line between design and art. Even minimalist objects have idiosyncratic features that mark them as refreshingly different. Simply put, Italian design is never boring or ordinary.

The words Italian design may bring different things to a design lover’s mind. For example, a sleek kitchen where every single line and detail has a specific purpose. Or an elegantly curved, wavy lounge chair that looks like a work of modern art, but offers supreme comfort. Sculptural lighting that brings nature inside refined interiors, brightening stylish spaces with a playful design. Conceptual seating that aims to enliven interiors, provide a cozy seating space, and start some interesting conversations at the same time.

When it comes to Italian design, the choice of materials is even more important than usual. And you only have to look at the way Italian designers use natural and man-made materials to understand this point. Marble, terrazzo, steel, glass, wood, and resin become the necessary building blocks for a wide range of objects that are, above all, Italian. Matching or contrasting textures and colors complement architectural shapes and forms with clean lines as well as playful elements that bring a smile on the viewer’s face.

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