Beautiful desk and bathroom accessories made from a water-based, eco-friendly material.

Founded by Tara Ashe in 2000, Block Design is a British studio and brand that makes beautiful home accessories and lifestyle products. The designs are all minimalist and creative as well as functional and versatile. Color plays a crucial role in the Block aesthetic, along with bold geometric lines and forms. The Block Design Tile Collection showcases the studio’s approach to contemporary design perfectly. Using Jesmonite, a water-based, eco-friendly material, the company produced a series of desk and bathroom accessories that are as environmentally-conscious as they are beautiful. The composite material features a blend of minerals and water-based acrylic resin in a combination that contains no harmful or toxic ingredients or solvents.

Each product boasts the same tile-like pattern that references the Art Deco movement. Inspired by the east coast of the US, the colors are soft and playful as well as warm. The range comprises trays, pots, planters, and coasters. Made from Jesmonite, these home accessories are exceptionally tactile and soft to the touch, with the surface resembling stone. However, the products are all lightweight. Hand-poured in the Block Design workshop, each product is one of a kind and may feature small irregularities that give handmade items their charm.

All products suit any space in the home, but they especially work well in workspaces and bathrooms. Apart from square dishes and oblong trays, the Tile Collection also comprises taller vessels and rounded plant pots. They suit anything from toothbrushes, eyewear, and grooming products, to writing and drawing tools, desk accessories, jewelry, and more. Block Design offers the collection either as a set or as individual products. Finally, these tactile home accessories come in gorgeous, soft colors. The range from Swimming Pool Blue and Miami Pink to Palm Green, Steel Blue, and Ash Gray. Photographs © Block Design.

Tile Collection

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