Meet Vitra’s first powered tech product, a stylish charging unit designed by award-winning studio Layer.

Marking the first collaboration between London-based, award-winning design firm Layer and iconic brand Vitra, Ampi electrifies workspaces. The first ever powered tech product launched by Vitra, this ingenious product has been in development for two years. “This is our first collaboration with Vitra and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to combine our expertise in tech with our understanding of the way people live and work. Our unique approach to furniture and technology design together with Vitra’s position as a market and thought leader in interior objects has resulted in a powerful office companion that packs enhanced evocative functionality into a discreet and refined package,” says Benjamin Hubert, Founder, Layer Design.

The name refers to ‘amps’, the unit that indicates the amount of electricity used by a device. Super-compact and powerful, Ampi provides charging opportunities for up to 6 devices at a time without messy cables. The box features induction charging on the top surface and both USB-A and USB-C connectivity inside a concealed magnetic drawer. The user only needs to pull a fabric tab at the front of the station to reveal the hidden compartment. Two mains outlets are also included and accessible by fully opening the drawer. Votra Ampi conveniently comes with UK, EU, and US outlet options.

A practical charging station that also looks stylish on any desk.

Apart from its tech features, this charging station also impresses with its elegant design. The discreet box has a softly radiused rectangle shape with a top tray that acts as an induction charger. The minimalist design looks great either in a large office or at home, removing clutter and occupying minimal space. Made from recyclable plastic with a soft texture, the box also features a Kvadrat textile pull tab on the magnetic drawer, a detail that references Vitra’s excellence in furniture design. At the back, there’s a textile cable with a rubberized cable flex, while on the bottom the non-slip surface keeps Ampi in place on smooth tables and desks. Vitra launched Ampi in October, 2022. The charging station currently comes in two colors: Basic Dark and Soft Gray. Vitra also plans to release five new colors over the coming months. Images courtesy of Layer.

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