Designed for urban nomads, the Camino collection features minimalist, multifunctional products to help you create a home anywhere.

Based in Garden Grove, 34 miles southeast of LA, Camino was established by a group of people from different countries and with different backgrounds. At the heart of Camino lies the concept of “fusion”, which embodies not only the many international influences brought together under one roof but also the way Camino designs and makes products. The brand’s name means “path” in Spanish and refers to the historic road of El Camino Real, or “The King’s Highway”, which linked California with Mexico. All of these connecting threads lead to one place: the Camino design led collection created for urban nomads. From practical accessories to Camino furniture, chairs, and elegant lighting, all of the brand’s products aim to offer an easy and convenient way to create a home anywhere.

Camino collaborates with award-winning designers and design studios to produce its ranges of furniture, lighting, and décor that convey emotions as well as memories of journeys. Currently, the brand works with Danish studio Hans Thyge & Co., Italian design team Studio Pastina, Taiwan-based designer Vii Chen, and New York-based designer Ruoxi Wang.

The elegant Camino furniture collection.

The Camino design aesthetic is clean and minimalist, which makes every piece of Camino furniture incredibly versatile. From clothing racks to wooden coffee tables, every product can easily blend into any interior. At the same time, the designs put a focus on maximizing function. Think compact sizes, multifunctional designs as well as flexible products that adapt to changing needs.

Every furniture product looks beautiful but also has adjustable features for more convenience. For example, the Obispo Bench has a metal frame and a wooden top with a removable half-cushion; without the cushion, the bench transforms into a coffee or a side table. Likewise, the Dolores Clothing Rack features casters for easy mobility, a removable mirror, and cleverly integrated wooden trays.

Perfect for living rooms, the mid-century modern style Carmel Coffee Table features a design similar to the Clara Clock. Made from waxed solid wood, the tops boast natural textures and a metal trim. The Gabriel Chest can be used as a living room credenza or as a kitchen sideboard; this cabinet also works with the Gabriel shelving system, which stacks neatly on top.

The Camino design aesthetic and dedication to craftsmanship shine in the brand’s seating collection. For example, the Graceful Reina chairs offer a modern twist on classic designs with sculptural silhouettes and a blend of wood and metal. Created with a striking architectural form, the Soledad Armchair is as bold as it is comfortable. This armchair features an asymmetrical backrest, a monochrome palette, and a stiletto metal frame. Inspired by Nordic design, the Mateo Sofa is minimalist and versatile. It features a wood frame, plush cushions, and brass accents. Like other Camino furniture products, this sofa is flexible and allows the user to move the backrest cushions to change the look of the design.

Stylish and efficient work spaces.

In the Camino furniture collection, you can also find a range focused on work spaces. The line includes the Buena Desk and the Buena Shelf that work perfectly together. Both the desk and the storage system feature metal edges that prevent items from falling over. The interrupted lines between the sheets also represent paths explored during one’s lifetime. Minimalist and graceful, the desk boasts slender legs and a compact shape that fits into the coziest of nooks. The complementing Gabriel Bookshelf provides extra storage space and extra convenience. This Camino design features flexible shelves that can be adjusted in height.

For the desk area, the Camino range offers a selection of practical but also gorgeous accessories. The Luis line blends concrete with pastel colors. Beautifully textured, these items also boast soft curves and muted hues to create a harmonious desk architecture. Apart from a pen cup and a pen tray, this range also includes a letter tray and a tape dispenser; all of these items can be used on their own or as a modular set.

Brilliantly designed lighting.

Creative and eye-catching, the brand’s lighting range perfectly encapsulates the Camino design style. The sculptural Fernando floor lamp draws inspiration from Scandinavian winters and the need to light up several candles to chase away the darkness. A conversation starter, the lamp features a central LED surrounded by an acrylic plated wired shell that helps to create a warm and soothing fading light. Just as bold, the Interlaced floor lamp features an imaginative design with a wooden support and a large screen that filters the light. Different screen shapes and colors allow the creation of sophisticated light sculptures in a room. Bubble-shaped, the Solano pendants bring a sense of childlike wonder into modern living spaces. The spherical glass lamps remind of dropping soap bubbles; they also feature openings that provide a great way to enhance the design with plants or small items.

Home décor, accessories, and kitchenware with a minimalist twist.

Complementing the Camino collection, the brand’s range of home décor and accessories features the same minimalist style and blend of different materials. This line includes everything from wall clocks and vases to trays, storage solutions, mirrors, and candle holders.

A perfect representation of Camino design principles, the Clara Clock blends a solid wood or concrete build with copper or brass accents in a modern and elegant design. Keeping true to the brand’s commitment to functional flexibility, the clock suits both wall mounting and desks and tables. The metal trim allows the user to place the large timepiece on a table or even on the floor. Likewise, the Bautista mirrors and Jose serving trays combine complementing materials. While the former feature clean lines that put the metal frames in the best light, the latter blend metal and wood in an elegantly simple design.

The Camino accessory collection also features the Diego line of containers. Made of wood or concrete, these storage solutions bring a playful accent into interiors with their creatively designed lids. Made with an understated design, the Santa collection of containers suits any décor as well as various uses. Apart from storage for an office, living room, or kitchen, they can also double as vases. Glossy porcelain vases, candle holders that combine wood with copper plated or pastel powder-coated iron, along with round or rectangular trays complete the Camino furniture and home accessories collection. Photographs© Camino.

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