The Exclusive Stone Island X Persol Sunglasses

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A limited edition design that blends industrial and vintage touches with Italian style.

Based in Turin, Italy, Persol and Stone Island have joined forces to make one of the classiest pairs of sunglasses you’ll ever see. The design reinterprets a Persol archive model from the 1970s in a new PO2470S Pilot Frame that celebrates the heritage and spirit of both brands. Produced in a limited edition, the Stone Island X Persol sunglasses blend subtle industrial cues with vintage touches in a design that exudes Italian style from every line and curve.

The sunglasses boast a bold pilot profile with a gunmetal frame and an industrial-style metal bridge completed with visible crews. The temples feature Persol’s hallmark Arrow and Meflecto system, while the yellow temple tips boast the Stone Island compass. Made with light blue polarized lenses, the sunglasses display both brands’ logos on each lens in subtle engravings. Finally, the lens color and finish provide the perfect combination of style and visibility.

The exclusive Stone Island X Persol sunglasses come with an elegant black box embossed with the brands’ logos. Apart from its good-looks, this box is also multi-functional. It contains a branded lanyard and a folding case for storage or for carrying the sunglasses while traveling. A specially designed cleaning kit with a cloth is also included. The Stone Island X Persol sunglasses are available from September 29, 2020. You can find them either at Stone Island and Persol online and brick-and-mortar stores or at selected stockists. Photographs© Stone Island, Persol Eyewear.

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