Founded in 1971 in a humble loft, Cannondale evolved into a leading brand that has been widely recognized for years as an innovator and game-changer in the industry. Case in point? The company used aluminum for its frames in the ‘80s, back when steel was the norm. The decision raised some eyebrows. It was also, undoubtedly, way ahead of its time. And the brand did it again, in 1990, when it introduced the world’s first dual suspension bike, shaking up the mountain biking world.

Mean and fast but stylish and clever at the same time, this rebel of the city streets brings a touch of adrenaline and fierceness to the daily commute.

Fast-forward to 1997, to the world’s first appearance of an oversized aluminum bicycle frame at the Tour de France, and to 1999, when Mario Cipollini of the Italian team Saeco won four stages in a row with his Cannondale, setting a record for consecutive wins. More recently, the company has received numerous awards and hasn’t slowed down in its quest to continuously push the limits to create the perfect bike.

With such an impressive history, it’s no wonder that the brand also leads the way in the world of urban bikes. Originally introduced in 1999, the Bad Boy of the cycling world came to be – as most brilliant ideas do – via an ingenious combination of two elements one wouldn’t regard as a natural match. 700c wheels on disc brake mountain bikes? Why not? With this stroke of genius, which was refined over the years, Cannondale brought the Bad Boy 1 to life. Aka the ultimate commuting bicycle. In 2017, the urban legend received a redesign that matches its street-conquering personality.

Mean and fast but stylish and clever at the same time, this rebel of the city streets brings a touch of adrenaline and fierceness to the daily commute. And it looks fantastic while doing it. The minimal design has a modern aesthetic which complements the name: dark and mysterious, boasting clean, purposeful lines and striking good looks. But this Bad Boy doesn’t set hearts racing with its looks alone. The company applied its well-known penchant for innovation and cutting-edge technology to manufacture the ideal commuter bike.

Unlike other manufacturers, Cannondale uses a System Integration approach along with its One Piece Integration process. This ensures that every bike’s components, from the state-of-the-art SmartForm C1 premium alloy frame to custom parts, drivetrain, forks and suspension work together flawlessly, with numerous components linked in one unit through an innovative (and patented) 3D forging process. Lightweight but tough and capable of taking on anything a city environment might throw its way, the bike features aluminum alloy tube sets with double-pass welds and a heat treatment finish to ensure durability and maximum performance.

Featuring an internal Shimano Alfine 8-speed rear hub, Magura MT2 hydraulic disc brakes, and 650b wheels with 40mm tires, the bicycle ensures every ride is comfortable, smooth and fast, but also provides optimum control, agility and confidence while riding through the city. The new lefty rigid 2.0 fork enhances the stiffness of the bike for an aggressive, speedy ride, reminding of its mountain biking cousins. Because what other company would be more suitable to make commuting thrilling instead of boring?

In terms of components and features, Bad Boy 1 shines. In more ways than one. It comes with an integrated Supernova LED lightstrip, top tube bumper and integrated rear LED light in the seatpost to ensure its owner stands out when the sun goes down and rides back home in safety. The front light is easy to charge via USB, for more convenience. In terms of comfort, the bicycle features a Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle, Fabric Silicone Cell grips, and a quiet, smooth  and clean belt drive system.

Available in four sizes and boasting timeless black and dark gray palette, Bad Boy 1 delivers impressive performance and elegantly aggressive good looks in a state-of-the-art design. The price tag of $1,840 is by no means average. But this is by no means an average commuter bike. It brings together cutting-edge technology and innovative design to make the average commute a thrilling experience. With frame and forks backed by a lifetime warranty, the owners of this bad boy also receive the Cannondale assurance for quality and performance.

One thing is certain: for 2017, the company continues on its way to revolutionize the industry, targeting urban commuting. Glancing both at the brand’s impressive history and at its ability to outdeliver the goods, it’s safe to say that the ride just got wilder, badder and better. Images courtesy of Cannondale.

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