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Similarly to European cities, urban areas in the US have experienced a sharp rise in the number of cyclists and bicycles in recent years. The environmentally conscious movement has driven a large part of this trend, but two-wheeled modes of transportation come with huge advantages over other types of vehicles. Increasing demand has led to a surge in new products that aim to provide the perfect bicycle design for urban dwellers. Put more simply, there’s a bike design for every need and personal preference.

Commuting, leisure cycling, grocery shopping, or family outings. Modern bicycle design covers all the basics and more. Commuter bikes now come in various shapes and sizes, with folding designs taking functionality to new heights of convenience. Custom builds, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bicycles suit those who prefer to cycle for pleasure. When it comes to practical designs, few products can match a well-made cargo bike. This type of bicycle serves as a kid transportation vehicle, grocery hauling bike, and family-friendly travel companion. Finally, electric bicycles provide the ideal solution to cycle fast with minimal effort, even in a city with steep streets.

State-of-the-art features often combine with traditional craftsmanship. Wood, titanium, aluminum, or carbon fiber provide a range of advantages while also blending style and function. Touchscreen controls, Bluetooth and USB smartphone charging ports, modular cargo options, and smart security features make modern bikes as practical as possible. Passionate cyclists now have their pick of the best bicycles and cycling gear ever made (so far), whether it’s a new commuting bike, a cyclocross model, or a practical cargo bicycle. The golden age of bicycle design has begun and it’s certainly here to stay.

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