An apprenticeship program designed to train a new generation of master furniture makers.

Danish furniture brand Carl Hansen & Søn has been making handcrafted solid wood furniture since 1908. The brand’s collection celebrates high-quality craftsmanship and traditional techniques as well as timeless Scandinavian design. Renowned designers who have created designs for the brand include Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, and Hans J. Wegner, among many others. From the beginning, Carl Hansen & Søn has provided an environment where young apprentices could hone their skills and become masters of their craft. In 2019, the company officially launched The Lab, a mentor-guided program designed to train furniture makers and create a new generation of skilled artisans. The program aims to train talented craftspeople in order to preserve the Danish tradition of furniture making and furniture design for the future.

While apprentices build their foundations the on the production floor, The Lab allows them to fine-tune their skills. Through the program, they can assimilate new techniques at a slower pace. Apprentices can thus study specific woodworking skills, learn to use specialized tools, and collaborate with their peers and mentors. An apprenticeship at The Lab lasts almost four years. During that time, participants learn everything from traditional joinery and sanding techniques to restoration methods and custom designs. Apprentices also learn to use specialized machines alongside artisanal methods. More importantly, the program allows novices to focus on the essential details of their craft and become master furniture makers. Photography © Carl Hansen & Søn.

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