A minimalist stool inspired by roots.

Designed by Mikiya Kobayashi for Lemnos’ Iki collection, the KON stool takes inspiration from nature for its minimalist and distinctive silhouette. The name means “root” in Japanese, referring to the four legs that remind of the roots of a plant. Simple and versatile, the stool is also compact, to fit into any space with ease, including small entrance halls. The compact size makes KON easy to move around the home, office, or another public space. Crafted with longevity in mind, the stool features hand-polished stainless steel legs and a seat made from high-end oak wood. The series also comprises stools with leather or fabric seat upholstery.

The design comes either as a standard stool or with an integrated leather basket. This convenient storage space provides room for anything from house slippers to small objects. The height on 19’’ makes KON ideal as comfortable seating either at a home’s entrance or in a hallway. Like other Lemnos products, this one is beautifully crafted from high-end materials. Made by Lemnos, who specializes in both traditional and cutting-edge metalworking, KON comes with sturdy stainless steel legs with a polished finish and in three versions.

The standard Natural version is the most minimalist and features a solid oak seat. As for the basket stools, they come in Brown with a tan leather seat and a tan leather basket, or in Black with a black Kvadrat seat upholstery and a black leather basket with dark brown accents. Finally, the design suits both residential and public spaces. Photographs © Yosuke Owashi

KON Stool

Designer: Mikiya Kobayashi Price: $590+ Shop Now
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