The Type 301 Knife Collection

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An award-winning collection designed by none other than 911’s creator F. A. Porsche.

Most kitchen knives – more often than not – fulfill a functional role and they also look the part. In a world of utilitarian objects, the Chroma Type 301 collection shines like a superstar. And it’s no wonder. Created by renowned German designer F. A. Porsche, the creator of the iconic Porsche 911, this kitchen knife range is as stylish as it is high-quality. It has received many awards, including the coveted iF Design Award, in 2005. Made by Chroma Cutlery, a brand that makes knives professional chefs and amateur cooks love to use every day, Type 301 melds refinement and cutting-edge performance.

Created for both professionals and amateur chefs.

To bring this elegant collection to life, F. A. Porsche collaborated with professional chefs who ensured that the knives rise to their high standards of performance and quality. The Type 301 knives look almost futuristic with their sleek steel build, seamless design, and slender handles. Comfortable to hold and ergonomic, the metal handles also give the knives a dynamic silhouette reminiscent of a sports car. Made from premium quality Japanese 301 stainless steel, the blades are carefully sharpened by hand. As a result, the Type 301 knife collection offers the perfect blend of sophisticated style and function.

The blades are ultra-sharp and keep their edge for a long time. A metal “pearl” marks the border between the handle and the blade to offer more control while cutting bread, meat, or vegetables. Thanks to the smooth, seamless design, these knives are also more hygienic and easier to clean. The Chroma Type 301 range includes everything a pro chef or an amateur cook may need on a day to day basis. The collection comprises chef, bread, veggie, paring, carving, boning, utility, and Santoku knives. Steak knife sets and a carving fork are also included, along with a beech wood knife block. Finally, the knives come in beautiful boxes with foam cushioning, ready to give as a gift. Find the entire Chroma Type 301 knife collection in the Gessato Design Store.

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Type 301 Knifes

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