A traditionally crafted tequila aged in new American and European oak barrels.

Launched in 2017, the Moët Hennessy-owned Volcán de Mi Tierra is a premium tequila brand that makes high-quality tequila using traditional methods. In 2020, the brand added another product to its collection. The exclusive Volcán de Mi Tierra Reposado joins the company’s Blanco and Cristalino offerings. Made from 100% blue agave from Jalisco’s Los Altos (Highlands) area, this Reposado celebrates the art of making tequila by hand using age-old methods. Each step influences the taste of the final product; from the chosen plants to the place where they grow and the wood used for the aging process.

After the distillation stage, the Volcán de Mi Tierra Reposado rests in new American and European oak barrels for 135 days. The carefully chosen types of wood give the tequila strong cooked agave flavors as well as more subtle notes of grass, leather, and citrus. Vanilla and butterscotch notes also give this tequila a subtly sweet aroma. Introduced in November 2020, the Volcán de Mi Tierra Reposado tequila made its debut in style. The brand collaborated with NYC-based Chef Luis Arce Mota, who created a special menu that perfectly complements the drink. Available in November at La Contenta restaurant, the pairing menu features Mexican dishes. The ingredients complement and also enhance the tequila; among them, seafood and acidic salsas as well as smoky chilies. A cocktail made with Reposado and a blend of pineapple, orange, and lemon was also included in the menu. Photographs© Volcán De Mi Tierra.