Kauppi & Kauppi

Malmö, Sweden

Kauppi & Kauppi is a designer duo with roots in the very north and south of Sweden. Johan and Nina has both earned their MFA degree at the Academy of Design & Crafts at The University of Gothenburg. In 2016 they established the shared design studio Kauppi & Kauppi in Sweden, after living several years in New York and Frankfurt. The studio approaches design and communication in all scales, from spatial projects to tactile objects in the hand's scale. When developing designs, their interest in creating collections and strategic product families runs like a thread through their work flow. The studio´s design philosophy is identified by a search for a pure and restrained design, celebrating the added values that makes a project unique and genuine. The inspiration is often found in the contrasts, between north and south and in the dynamic between tranquil nature and pulsing cityscapes. The design method of Kauppi & Kauppi is of an adaptive nature, depending on the context, task and collaborators. The special creative dynamics that occurs in close and committed partnerships are highly valued, as good processes generates good results. Regardless of project, there are a couple of important questions they always keep in mind: - Ho w does our design contribute, and what justifies the existence of it?

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Lighting Design

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